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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

NOTHING UNUSUAL | Are you okay? - CLIP

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It was just a normal moment, but something's up with Asumi... I think she needs a hug.

Special thanks to Ribz & ATvTy for voicing Asumi and Awa!



In Japan, Rokurokubi are known to be like Vampires. They're known to be dangerous Yōkais for committing horrible deeds. Except for one. Asumi Mayoko -- Born a Rokurokubi, now lives a normal life with Karita Dere. Karita takes her time to take care of Asumi ever since that mysterious night where Asumi was found inside a trash can. Asumi has her moments where she's feeling worried about how people feel about her as a Rokurokubi.

#NothingUnusual #Animation #Film

Animated with...

Adobe Animate CC

Edited in...

Sony Vegas 13

Music by...


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I'm rocking the animation style and the voice acting!
Bravo on these videos, my friend! :)