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Drop n Drag tutoral

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This is a turorial that teaches you how to make something drag when you click and hold. I basicly made it because I know that when you wanna know something like this, peeps just tell ya to goto flashkit.com. I'm not saying that flash kit is bad, but unless you know excatly where to look, it is very hard to find what your looking for. I know I also had a hard time learning this skill. alright, enjoi!

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wow thanks

i got it to drag... but i still have the button there oo.. any way to fix this?

Thanks a fucking lot

This helped me so much and that little thing at the beggining was mint!!

A fair tutorial; terrible entertainment.

I suppose I didn't really expect this to be entertaining (or useful to me as I already know how to do this) from the title. (In case you wondered, I watched it because it had 199 votes.)

It looks as if it took you a while, and I like how you've made the effort of using screenshots and stuff.

However, 2 things I think you've gotten wrong.

1) Because of the code you've used, you don't need to name the instance at all. Doing so is just a waste of time as you don't refer to instance names anywhere in the code. 'this' will affect the movie clip with the code, regardless of its name.

2) Draw a square only in the up frame? But then it won't have a hit box and you won't be able to click it for it to detect a down state... also, (if it had a hit-box) it would disappear on roll-over or when you press it, as those frames would be blank... Or maybe I've missed something?

Another thing I'd maybe point out is that whilst it may be hard to find something at flashkit.com, what're the chances of someone finding this here? Still, at least it was useful to a few folk and you've done a good deed in that sense.

Good on ya,


Thanks for making this tutoral. I have really wanted to know how to make things drag, so I can use it in my work. Keep working!


Thanks I needed to know how to do that. Thanx