Mack Daddy Kirby

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REVEIW THIS MOVIE SO I CAN MAKE UPDATES TO YOUR IDEAS, WITHOUT REVEIWS I HAVE NOTHING. semi long load but worth the wait. This is just a short taste of what is to come. I know its short but it took a lot of work. if it gets good scores i will make a really really long one just like mack daddy mario. That is my insperation, one day i was waching it and then i played some kirby and waching him dance gave me the idea. so vote good and there will be inprovements and it will be made way better. also sorry about the music i couldent get any dance songs.



Ok video. Tips: Make characters fight, second make more characters, and third have a back ground and music. Don't listen to Gi-go he is stupid. Good Luck making your video. :)

Are you using sissy dancing?

I dont want to even talk about this movie u have discraced kirby, i mean sonic dances better than that!


Um... Short. Kirby was just bouncing everywhere. Not dancing.


Okkkkk next time make it longer and a different song plz

ok i guess...

Personally I didnt like it, and that my opinion, no need to tell me to "fuck off" or anything. Its just when you make crap movies you have to expect crap reviews and I agree with you when people say how awful it was and they dont have a single movie, but when people are trying to help or just saying they didnt like it there is no reason to come up with some clever way to insult them. You have to just take it, dont be such a punkass. Oh and, altering sprites somewhat isnt shit so dont try to tell these muds that it is.

Deadonarrival responds:

i never said it was you dolt. please go eat bleach.

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1.37 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2003
5:04 PM EST
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