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A movie me and my freinds made about the funny things in life. plz review it, i love feedback. good or bad. my freinds love this.



Dude you sound like your 11 years old or something

your mom must be proud

You have some uhh...great friends and zach must um..love you with the shotgun going off in his face and all.Your friends are veeery smart also, stealing mittens is a big buisness these days and shit like that. Good movie keep it up.


Yikes ok well i see it could be worked on, my advice is when talking into the mic dont get so close and test alot, so the static wont be there, the story was ok, but the artwork killed it, anyways better luck next time...


Was this movie made by 8 year olds? Seriously

Graphics: Wow, you can use paint, congratulations.

Style: Seen it before, yawn

Sound: Learn how to synchronize voices without having to have there mouth be open the whole time. When I talk my mouth doesn't stay open and just shake around on my face.

Violence: I never got this rating, yes there was violence so I had to give it a full score....

Interactivity: Speaks for itself

Humor: hah...hah hah...I can make childish jokes, look at me. I can do jokes that have been done over and over.

Overall: So do shotguns really take 30 seconds to fall down to the ground from a roof? This movie was just slopped together. It could have been cool with some time and care. I give it an overall score of 4 for effort.


This movie made me laugh about 4 times , especially when the shotgun falls and blows his head off , bloody hell this is good stick shit .
Sort out the backgrounds and other graphics , animate them walking , add some music , but hell dont change the sticks , it adds the humour ..


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1.92 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2003
12:53 AM EST
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