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Adipositron #22 The wandering Servant Part 2

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All deleted scenes of the series have been scraped together and complementend with new scenes to create a two-parter, that shows the story from the perspective of an insignificant extra. Of course, the scenes aren´t the current state of art, and weren´t the best at their time either, that´s why they got cut out. But they are an archeological treasure and enough material for two additional episodes.

In the upper left corner, the red number indicates, in which episode the events take place. The green number shows which episode the scene originally comes from. An "E" means, that the scene has been extended, because it was incomplete or had to be adjusted for the flow of the plot. No green number means, the scene was newly created.


The wandering servant is cleaning cleaning the bar on Küchenrollen Base World II, when the locusts attack. He is hypnotized by Adelbrand and taken to the Le Theater Home World, where he has to serve the party guests. He survives the historic massacre and wakes up on Küchenrollen Base World III, but is immediately thrown into Schlauchtussi's vision by Contralope. Schlauchtussi inflates him so that he ascends to heaven in time for her death to visit her there. He listens to Cornus' tales of the olden days, but then goes to Ziukk, where he saves Sime and Enodher, and escapes with them before the planet explodes. Arriving on Phetrushpajapursk's flagship, he makes himself useful as a tailor to adapt a fat suit to Enodher. The film ends with a prospect of the Alloy Gods, the next generation of the brotherhood of the holy triglyceride.

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Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

May 28, 2021
4:43 AM EDT