Adipositron #21 The wandering Servant Part 1

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All deleted scenes of the series have been scraped together and complementend with new scenes to create a two-parter, that shows the story from the perspective of an insignificant extra. Of course, the scenes aren´t the current state of art, and weren´t the best at their time either, that´s why they got cut out. But they are an archeological treasure and enough material for two additional episodes.

In the upper left corner, the red number indicates, in which episode the events take place. The green number shows which episode the scene originally comes from. An "E" means, that the scene has been extended, because it was incomplete or had to be adjusted for the flow of the plot.


A servant dusts in the historical gallery of Kürol Basiswelt I, as the last battle of the grease war, in which Adipositron appears, flares up. He escapes with a shuttle through the kitchen roll and lands on Kürol Basiswelt II, while the holy triglyceride is attacking. Then he progresses to the battle for the porcelain gas giant, where the servant assists in the infirmary. The duel between Adipositron and Schlauchtussi is a little different because the timeline has been changed in the meantime. When the porcelain gods move away, we experience a flashback to Cornus' youth and the creation of the Schlauchtussi. The servant goes on in an escape pod.

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First time review on NG. I've been meaning to review some of your works since I signed up, but I was always stalling myself. Might as well do so now. I intend to review some of the others later.

Compare to the main series, this reminds me of the earlier episodes where there are seemingly random scenes with loose connections to the overall plot. Understandable, given these are deleted scenes compiled together to create a pseudo-recap with a different P.O.V. The servant is less a character and more of a narrative tool that, along with the numbers in the left-hand corner, connects the scraped scenes together into a chronological order. The descriptions below the video, as always, compliments the video by giving detailed explanation of the plot.

Main criticism is that the servant wasn't given enough scenes to be any more than an extra, though since the main focus is to showcase the deleted scenes, I'm assuming that's the intent.

Looking forward to seeing more of your works. I've signed up to NG recently even though I'v been following the site since the early 2000's so I can follow you. Loving the creativity and intricacy of Adipositron and Psycho Essence.

Schuschinus responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. It´s a very good summary. You are right, the servant is mainly a tool, to lead from one setting to the next, so that it´s not too random. He could have had more screentime, but I didn´t want to make too many new scenes. This is a side project, my main focus and effort goes into new episodes of Psycho Essence.