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Beginning of the End 5 Points

Start the game

Found Beer 5 Points

Get the beer

Found the Flower 5 Points

Get the flower

Found the Key 5 Points

Get the key

Found the Matches 5 Points

Get the matches

Found the Newspaper 5 Points

Get the newspaper

Found the Oxygen Tank 5 Points

Get the oxygen tank

Found the Rope 5 Points

Get the rope

Found the Screwdriver 5 Points

Find the screwdriver

Found the Telescope 5 Points

Get the telescope

Found the Wheel 5 Points

Get the wheel

Finish Chapter Four 10 Points

End of chapter four

Finish Chapter One 10 Points

End of chapter one

Finish Chapter Three 10 Points

End of chapter three

Finish Chapter Two 10 Points

End of chapter two

Finish Prologue 10 Points

End of prologue

Finish Chapter Five 25 Points

End of chapter five

Finish the Game! 50 Points

End of the game

Be a Friend 100 Points

It's okay just to be present sometimes

Watch Credits 100 Points

Watch credits

Author Comments

UPDATE: 6/24 - 9:23AM EST

Patch 1.14 is now live!

"We're getting the hell out of here"

Be sure to support all of the hardworking individuals

that helped to make this game a reality!

They all did an awesome job, and this game wouldn't

have been possible without them!

Thanks for playing!


WASD - Move

E - Grab Item/Talk to Resident/Open Door

Space - Punch

Left Mouse Button - Menus/Inventory

EFHH is a stealth-action, horror-adventure 2D game

where Agnes, our hero, is newly admitted to

the Happy Homes Assisted Living Facility and

must escape before she is put out to pasture—literally!

Talking to other residents while avoiding nurses,

Agnes must collect clues and items to make her great escape.

With the help of an eccentric engineer, Bishop, who also wishes to escape,

she will uncover a dark, hidden secret that could mean

the end of everything as we know it.


Pomegranite - Programming / Story

CaldoChico - Animation / Art

WillsRandomArtwork - Animation / Art

AntonM - Music

Linethickness - UI / Art

OctoCryptik - Art

gh0stikal - Art

SamDrawsStuff- Art

ZapSplat - Sound Effects

DaFont - Font

Prelinger Archives - Stock Footage

Unity 2020.2.2f1 - Game Engine





If you find a bug, please let us know in the comments.

Refresh the page if things don't work.

UPDATE: 5/28 - 10:18AM EST

Medal, movement and a few smaller bugs fixed.

UPDATE: 5/28 - 3:26PM EST

Inventory, some dialogue, and a few smaller bugs fixed.

UPDATE: 5/29 - 11:48AM EST

Patch 1.12 includes many small bugs being fixed.

UPDATE: 5/29 - 9:30PM EST

Patch 1.13 includes a few small bugs being fixed.

UPDATE: 6/24 - 9:23AM EST

Patch 1.14 includes a few small bugs being fixed.



Jose is the man with the plan

One minute is all you need

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Awesome, great challenge!!

good game

Far from perfect, but still enjoyable. I do have a few complaints. Sometimes dialogue would skip and punching would open the pause menu instead. Also, I don't know if it's just my crappy internet or what, but the TV puzzle took forever to load and the final cutscene didn't play before the credits. The game is a bit buggy and awkward at times, but the music and art make up for that a little bit. I really loved seeing the diversity among the characters. I wish I could rate this higher, but I couldn't really do so in good faith. I hope everyone involved with this project continues to improve their craft and continue making cool stuff like this.

EDIT: Also seems like I didn't get any medals, but then again that may just be an issue on my end cuz this happened before. Still felt it was worth noting just in case.

The graphics look really nice, and the animation is really charming! However, I have several complaints:
- The controls feel a bit clunky, and it's quite hard to navigate.
- The layout is quite confusing at times as well. I would suggest putting an option for toggling to see the entire map, and also seeing the locked doors around the place as well.
- After getting the screwdriver you're pretty much lost with all the locked doors and nurses preventing you from walking anywhere without having to spam space button.
Though, the points listed above may just be me being bad at games lol
But again, good job with the visuals, I like them a lot :)

Pomegranite responds:

After you find the screwdriver, enter the hedge maze to talk to Bishop.

Too many nurses, and too many locked doors. The only thing i completed is finding the screwdriver LMAO

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

May 27, 2021
6:10 PM EDT
  • Unity