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The Star Gem

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Plot - A female author unites with her friends and lover to return the mystical Star Gem to Santa Claus before Christmas Day to heal him. As the gem is involved, the author tries to prevent a dark industrialist from misusing it for personal power.

Genre - Musical, Fantasy

Link for full movie - http://fenrirarts.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-star-gem.html

Movie has ten parts and all parts are at link above.

Main Characters: Annabelle Charise (author and dancer), Stan Arvin (Annabelle's fiance and dancer), Chakra Spellnite (cat-humanoid mystic and dancer), Ravowl (black falcon, owl, raven mixed villain), Feral (Ravowl's shadow guardian and true villain), Santa and Rachael Claus (gift givers, Santa based on old Greek person St Nicholas mixed with fictional Santa Claus/Father Christmas with altered traits), Tracie and Ellian (two elf friends), Everforth Family (Ella the poet, Nicholas her husband, and her daughter Elene), and Sorik (small shadow goblin called Shadelin).

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This is terrible,

FenrirArtGEM responds:

Thanks. If you had hands you would work on this a lot better but you do not. I am happy i made this work and I am doing more than a bunch of evil jackoffs are who lied to you about movies and art, when we can do better. Hope you have a good hotter rest of summer.


FenrirArtGEM responds:

Thanks for viewing. Been very busy with this for years along with more works on the way. Had to work on this differently since the animation business has been very cruel to me and did not want to do different things. Take care. :)