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NewBigGround Description

NewBigGround is a game where you can create your own levels, and play them right away!

Yes, this is inspired by LittleBigPlanet.

NewBigGround Controls

Use A&D or Arrow Keys to move left and right.

Press Spacebar to jump.

You can drag anything, including objects and the player itself.

Press 9 to access debug mode.

Popit Menu Controls

Press E to access the "Popit" menu.

Press "Create Objects" to access the objects menu. From there you can click any of the options, and it will spawn in.

Press "Delete Objects" and hover while clicking to delete. This is a toggle, so pressing it again will turn it off.

Future Updates

  • Scrolling or Scenes for more space.
  • Boosting performance of the Popit Menu.
  • Fix bugs with Popit Menu, such as UI elements going missing.

Change Log

  • Added "Arrow" object.
  • Made player fall slower.

version 1.3

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funniest game ever

theres nothing to do but make useless stuff

L1C3 responds:

There isn't much now, and much more stuff will be added later. Also, its not just useless, it's just a way to express creativity. If you don't like the game, can't change it except with feedback.

I really like the direction of this game, but it's just a bit janky/confusing at times. I'll try to give as much insight as I can to help you make it better because I think it definitely has potential!

First off, thank you for adding a description with instructions. I think it's really important to let people know how to play your game especially if it has unusual controls. Though, I suggest adding some more information on the popit menu.

About the popit menu, it has a nice opening animation and looks fairly simple, but I feel you should be able to choose where the new block will appear. And sometimes choosing clear square deletes all squares on the level.

Another thing is, the space to build the level is a bit too small. It would be cool to have a scrollable camera, and/or an option to decide how big the world should be.

A few minor suggestions is allowing the player to choose what kind of square/object to place, adding premade enemies/obstacles, etc.

tl;dr this game has a lot of potential, but I suggest making more fixes before you upload a new version to make it enjoyable!

L1C3 responds:

Thank you, I can do a lot of these.

I am planning to make it so you can choose where the squares go later on.
And other types of objects (like simple decor or maybe even stickers) would go really well!
About scrolling, I've tried it on scratch before, but it's really janky. I'll see if i can replace it with something like scenes that you can go in by going to the left or right perhaps?

And yes, Clear Square does delete all the squares, but I bet i could make it so it's just a mode where you can click on squares to delete.

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it!
(Updated game to add many objects)

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

May 21, 2021
11:54 PM EDT
  • Scratch 3