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Started this thingie in 2011(which might be obvious by things), but then stopped working on him when the files were lost for a while (meaning, got corrupted and then repaired with chkdsk), but recently decided for reasons to finish him.

After starting to work on him again, the topic of the movie was already kindof irrelevant, aswell as other things, and i didn't really have a desire to work on him, since i considered him more of a "left-over" thingie (or how to say) that i should have done years ago already, rather than progress. But in the end, i'm glad i made him, and i think it suits the events of the movie that it starts off lazy and "laid-back", then gets more serious and then kindof tired towards the end.

So i hope yu like him ;3

If the resolution is too small or big or anything, it's obviously probably better to view in right click -> Full Screen.

The text-based things don't seem to be working too well in Ruffle, so view him an other way if you want a fuller "experience". (By "him" i mean the movie.)

Now with "voices"(text-to-speech and pitch changing, formant changing, tempo changing, etc.), "musics"(all musics by me, except the montage one and the death sound. Some already uploaded, some are remakes of yet unreleased stuffs.), and other sounds (ambiences, effects, etc.)

(Sounds are mostly from graal and other places (and some graphics too obviously), the montage part music is from Adventure Time, with text-to-speech, and a part of Fight 6 from Serious Sam, and edited, and the end edited to end. I hope it doesn't warrant removal, since not even one sentence is left unchanged. I also made that part when NG didn't have a problem with unlicenced musics(and it's also supposed to be a "parody" anyways).)

(some things you can type:muted1, muted2, supermuted, downgrade, v6, watt, new stats, unstick me)

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I almost thought maybe the animation was broken based off of it's load time.

It was kind of boring. I wouldn't have even finished this if you weren't asking for feedback on the forums. In fact, I probably wouldn't have even gotten past the 30 seconds of white screen and would have just voted 0 and moved on.

The animation itself is good enough, but the lack of audio in 99% of the submission made it dreadfully boring to watch. There was hardly any music, hardly and sound effects, no voices, etc... This would have been much better if those elements were present.

I also just didn't find it that interesting. The plot/humor was just not there for me. It was more of a "I could care less" type of animation. It seems like some sort of complaint against a ban of some sort in a game. That much I get, but it just wasn't really an interesting concept to watch in my opinion.

armydanywolf responds:

Thank you for the review :3
I don't think the white screen is my fault, i made a preloader, but seems like Ruffle emulator only starts displaying the file after it completely loaded already, and only shows a white screen until then. The emulation is necessary, since there are a lot of interactive elements in it (even some non-hidden).
I also thought there could be voices, but i don't have a good enough microphone, and couldn't voice everyone anyways. Should i try to find voice actors who might do it? Or should i just put in text-to-speech voices (better sounding than in the montage part)? Can you PM suggestions if you care? I could actually update it with voices if i knew how to make them.

The "plot" really is "based" on a real event, so its kindof an "inside joke", but i think it's understandable from the movie itself, i (or not-i, since "resemblances are coincidental") also act like a dumbass, and not necessarily supposed to be the "good guy", it's more like a parody of stupid events exaggerated. Which doesn't mean you have to like it, of course, so thank you for watching and commenting, i really needed some feedback after working so much on this thingie.