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Madness Zombies 3

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Chest 5 Points

Open a common chest

Round 1 5 Points

Survive round 1

Burst 10 Points

Purchase the burst pistol

fire charge 10 Points

Purchase Fire charge sword move

Rare chest 10 Points

Open a rare chest

Round 10 10 Points

Survive round 10

sword rain 10 Points

Purchase Sword rain sword move

Assault rifle 25 Points

Purchase the Assault rifle

Round 25 25 Points

Survive round 25

Shotgun 50 Points

Purchase the Shotgun

Detonator 100 Points

Purchase the Detonator

Minigun 100 Points

Purchase the Minigun

Round 50 100 Points

Survive Round 50

Author Comments

Madness Zombies 3

The Directors Simulation



Mouse = aim + fire

A + D or Left + Right Arrow keys = movement

W or Up arrow = Jump

S or Down arrow = Aim down sight

Shift keys = Sprint

R or CTRL = Reload

Space = Use sword / Punch

O = Power beer

P = Heal beer

B = Disco bomb

Numbers 1 to 8 weapon select



  • Aim for the head!
  • Mix and match weapon elements and a weapon mod to find your perfect combos
  • Cash multiplier gets you rich much faster
  • Enemies get tougher and increase in numbers in later rounds
  • Dying will reset your round but you keep everything
  • Drinking a power beer will make it 100% chance to activate elements for a short time
  • electric does average damage in a small radius
  • Fire burns slower but longer and a larger area
  • Shadow increases Critical damage
  • Wind adds knockback to bullets

Previous updates:

Added cash crates

Added Skin select

Added new medals

Added 2 new sword moves

  • Sword rain - drops 6 smaller swords at high speed
  • Fire charge - Charge fire around your sword to do element damage on your attacks, Lasts 3 seconds

Assault rifle is now fully automatic


Added minigun, Crazy high rate of fire

Uses weapons slot 7 / Fist has been moved to 8

Element chance is now variable depending on equipped weapon.

I've ironed out every last bug I could find in this patch main one being the fire rate issues. guns are running smoothly now.

the other is wind now works on 2nd element and has been tweaked a little

Element damage price has been reduced

Increased Max minigun Crit and Close range

Download link :

madness-zombies-3-v1.10.7.swf (newgrounds.com)

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First of all: welcome back! It's great to see something new from you again. As for the game: lots of cool stuff here. Oh, I turned the NG Player off and saving works just fine, just like the game itself. As for the game, few issues here and there:
1. I got a feeling that the AR is actually a sniper rifle, single shot only, only few bullets, no burst.
2. Also fighting with fists, even with the inferno ones, sucks a bit, because the enemies hit you before you are even able to hit them.
3. I assume that the "defence" stat is related to the enemies? Because upgrading it decreases it.
4. As for the elemental damage stat: if I get it right that it applies only to the inferno fist and the Detonator?

May 25 2021 flash is no longer supported


I know that you hate me, but serious suggestion - PAUSE Button

also, if you click 100 round medal, error appears