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StarQuest Ep02

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I made a second episode of that show sorry for the WAIT.

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The art is entertaining and expressive. The sound is great and well synchronized. The characters have a lot of personality. Marked improvement over your first episode, which was also well done. I enjoyed this a lot and I can't wait for the next ep!

Can't wait for the next episode.

Well worth the wait... But I did have to check the previous episode to take out the rust from memory. I agree with @Ericho, this truly deserved an award besides the Frontpage.

I really like Mephisto. Innocent in his mischievousness. If he did destroy the town, it clearly wasn't on purpose, but I imagine he actually isn't guilty. And I like the fact that he got the other blue eye.

Great humour, fantastic animation, great pace... Awesome job! I'll be waiting for the next one eagerly. :D

Great work! You've improved a lot since the first episode and it's showing. The humor, the pacing and the VA are superb! I love the expressions and the banter between the characters, they were a selling point for me back at ep.1
Hope we'll see another episode someday, i'll definitely wait for it!