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Electronic Endeavors of a Binary Brain

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Originally posted to deviantART March 32, 2012

This is a game I made when I was 15 when I was teaching myself how to make games using Stencyl. The game itself is all over the place and crude like a comic book made by a child.

I'm uploading this not because it's good but so that in the future if I ever become noteworthy people can see where I started.

Levels are pretty disjointed, items are not well communicated, and the whole experience is rather scattershot. Not to mention, the player sprite is really awkwardly shaped.

Still, there is still enough here to be worth playing and analyzing.

A full dump of every version of this game can be found here. All versions up to 1.6 are playable using the Newgrounds player.


  • Move - Arrows
  • Jump - Space
  • Shoot - X

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the game its cool but the first map its so bad

Prestophobia responds:

Yea you can really tell that back when I made it, I ordered the levels in order of when I made them. You really want the first level to made last, not first, to put the game's best foot forward, but as a teenager I think I was just excited to be making a game at all and impatiently pumped out levels until I got bored.

A really awesome game :D Loved the easter egg!!!

Prestophobia responds:

Dammit, I can't believe I put in that Easter Egg that early. I'll have to take this down because that Easter Egg is the whole reason I put up this version and not a later one. :P Thanks for the catch.

Edit: The last version made didn't have the mario level, so that has been uploaded. That version has much more content as well as an embarrassing bonus level I made for a high school crush :P

good for a game of a 15 years old guy but isn't a good game

Prestophobia responds:

I agree. It's actually pretty bad/embarrassing, but I've since went to college and become a professional game developer. With this up and playable, I can show people who want to get into gamedev that everyone's gotta start somewhere. When people say your first game will probably suck, this is what we mean.

Edit: I updated to a later build with a level select so at least people can skip the godawful second level