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NewEra Picoday2021

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sorry. My English is not very good.

Hi, I'm Neko and this is my first participation in Pico day.

I used to go to newgrouns when I was little but didn't really understand very much why the language barrier was something that was always present.

Like many, I have now returned for a certain game that has inspired me to create new art and animations, which I stopped doing since 2016.

I decided to make a musical animation since I don't know how to make jokes and I'm bad at 2D animation.

I did this with a lot of love for you, it was a hard month and a lot of sacrifice.

Maybe this is not the best animation you have seen but it can be a start to create more personal things and for the page.

If you like my animation and my art show it, maybe your support will motivate me to create much more and improve as an animator.

This is dedicated to:

Tom fulp (happy birthday)





and especially to



They were very kind when I entered their fandom and because of them I went back to drawing.

Many thanks also to AvenzaMusic

For lending me one of his songs to make this animation.

Without more to say, I hope you like it. 

music made by: AvenzaMusic

everything else: Nekolet (nekopicart)

created and animated in After effects

followme on https://twitter.com/NekopicArt

If I win any prize I will become a supporter of newgrounds, I say just o.O

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lol ENA's dance

Nice animation! I'm also back here because fnf, but in my childhood i've never created an account because language barrier. This inspires me more to make art and contribute to NG community.

This is amazing likes

This Is So Amazing I like It

this is so amazing!!!!! it really encapsulates what's made newgrounds so awesome