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Family Reunion(consumed)

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uh oh, looks like the void has consumed another shitty flash...

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the good:
the animations looked quite nice.

the bad:
that had no point at all and was just boring. you had no sound and no music in it, either.

the ugly:
add a point to your flash! and some music and/or sound would be very nice, too.

No plot

No point...no fun :(

i understood the concept of the void ........ :-I>

i liked it sorta i give is a 5 /10 i didnt hear any music if there was any .... so zero there. i think you have a good concept of the void ive been there a lot hehe... byebye now


Em yeah scary and all, the fact we're sll gonna get sucked into a large green hole, but what was the point of that flash, you gonna gone somewhere with it, like em i dunno thrown tony blair into it, s'ok he'd been fine he'd just lie his way past death


I'm a huge fan of NoFX. I hate people who tell me how to make my animations so I'm gona try and not do that. Yea the music was the graphics were so-so. Thats my opinion and yall keep doing what you do on flash how you want to do it.

NippleClock-1337 responds:

thanks. at least your review was helpfull, unlike the last dude's. let me see, how did it go...oh yeah: BLAM IT!!! BLAM IT!!! (over and over and over) I appreciate feedback as to what ppl do and don't like about the movie. in your case: nofx=good sound and graphics could=better with better effort next time. well, i think everybody's gonna like the onw i'm working on now. it should be done by this weekend. a little saddam and G dubya spoof with scooby doo playing piano!!!

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2003
2:55 AM EST