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A ninja betrays his client by killing his sister in a political delema. , I did this animation a while ago (June 2001), few flaws in the animation (head, etc) unfortunatly I cannot continue it because the files where destroyed at Conneticut University because of a server virus. Plus I lost contact with my asian buddy (lost a voicer).

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What the hell was that?

Wow. I thought that I have seen some really shitty work until I watched this video. Looks to me like you have no life and basically the same amount of skill. I checked out your site and the 3d work is decent but your drawing skills suck. And to add, you look like you sit in your basement all night wacking off to your G5.

Pretty good

The traced bitmaps gave the movie an interesting style. For the backgrounds tracing was ok but I didn't like the traced people. Not sure why - maybe because you drew most people in Flash. Actually, if you have an swf file, you can import it into an .fla file. You'll lose the tweenings but you can continue the animation. I'm not sure what happens to sounds. I haven't tried that. Anyways, good job!

Oh wow...

Man, that was so sweet..Too bad you couldn't finish it..


Note, I feel that you should NEVER put reallife images in a Flash movie unless it's really needed for the theme or something. In this case, I find the 'real' pictures too distracting.

Storywise, a bit confusing, but not too unoriginal. Voice acting needs to be clearer a bit.

KnuxTE responds:

I usually dont trace-bmp characters, normally I trace pictures (anime style) over a layer and delete the original pic. but my instructor said he wanted more than 13 Trace-bitmaped vector images.....and I ran out of time to complete the video (voices, tweens were rushed to meet the july 26 deadline, I was up until 7AM to complete it(weeks later the university suffered a server virus, but managed to keep compressed floppy of it)It was a rushy animation taking me 3-4 days, Not to mention that trace-bmping on a Pentium 166 with flash 5 takes awfully long. But thanks, I will keep it in mind that none of my future characters with be trace BMP unless they are robots. :)


That was pretty entertaining.

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Jan 22, 2003
2:06 AM EST
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