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Rat Game: Roaming of the Wretched Rat

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Big Cheese 5 Points

Grow your HP stat above 10

Bone 5 Points

Kill 5 Skeletons

Enchanted Staff 5 Points

Grow your Arcane stat above 5

Evil Eye 5 Points

Kill a Ghost for the first time

Fire Rod 5 Points

Kill at least one Zombie, Mummy, Ghost and Skeleton

Meat Scythe 5 Points

Find and Kill the Karrion Killer!

Pistol 5 Points

Find and Kill Ugby Mumba

Stick 5 Points

Kill a shrub

Sticky Dagger 5 Points

Kill 20 goos

Broken Shield 10 Points

Beat the Wendigo as 'Nips the Brave'

Cheese 10 Points

Beat the Ogre as 'Nips the Rogue'

Cursed Dagger 10 Points

Beat the Wendigo as 'Nips the Silent'

Lightning Rod 10 Points

Beat the Ogre as 'Nips the Dark'

Magic Herb 10 Points

Beat the Ogre as 'Nips the Silent'

Plague Rod 10 Points

Beat the Wendigo as 'Nips the Dark'

Rotten Cheese 10 Points

Beat the Wendigo as 'Nips the Nimble'

Steel Shield 10 Points

Beat the Ogre as 'Nips the Brave'

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


Arrow Keys - Menu Cursor, Attacking

Spacebar - Menu Select

Backspace - Back


LeviRamirez - Developer, Designer, Lead Artist

TeraVex - Music

ProscuttioMan - Additional Game Sprites

Mig Moog - Additional Game Sprites

Conundrym - Thumbnail Art, Lore

Meulinex - Tester, "sexy babe"

The Story

In 1983, a team of developers started work on a revolutionary title. Along with this, they were given the green light to make it the first game to be compatible with a new advanced Peripheral that was loosely translated from Spanish to the "Commodore Unit of Music" (C.U.M for short) There was a "Commodore Unit of Visuals" planned but it mysteriously went missing halfway through development, along with the lead developer. With the loss of C.U.V, distrust began to run rampant in the dev. team, leading many of the developers to take different builds of the game and hide them away. The game, the C.U.V and the C.U.M would quietly fade away and never reach store shelves...

The Game was merely present in legends passed around on old game forums in the '90s, and although most assumed it was simply fake, a few brave souls ventured to find any remnant of this game. Many years passed, and no sign of the existence of this game was ever found...

until now.

Patch Notes

Release 1.0.0: this long-lost title was discovered in an old warehouse, along with a cassette tape, and the last remaining model of the C.U.M. The game that has been shrouded in legend is now playable in your browser! Play the first public release of "Rat Game: Roaming of the Wretched Rat"

Release 1.0.3: A small update just to tide off some of y'all over, and to fix some small minor inconveniences.

=Fixes / Tweaks

  • 'Nips the Nimble' no longer gets an increased chance of equipment over potions (It is now just 50/50)
  • Quicker Screen Transitions
  • Lightning Rod has a special interaction when the player has a 0 Arcane stat.

=Bug Fixes

  • Scroll bars are no longer visible when the background flashes during certain attack animations.

Release 1.0.4: Tiny Update, literally adds one thing.


  • Website side achievements, these achievements SHOULD unlock on Newgrounds if you've already unlocked them in the game! The next update will be much bigger, promise ;)

Release 1.1.5: Massive Update!!!


  • 2 new areas to explore! The Forest and The Halls!
  • New Monsters! (Special thanks to @prosciuttoman and @mig-moog)
  • New Items!
  • New Achievements!
  • New Potions!
  • New Sounds!
  • Added Status Effects!

=Fixes / Tweaks

  • Potions have been reworked! Potions no longer grant stats down but rather negative status effects. Potions overall are also much rarer. (from 65% to 25% chance for a potion)
  • Fewer Potion restrictions are put on the game (Bad potions can now more likely appear anytime before it would let the first 2 potions in a chest not be detrimental.)
  • Nips the Nimble now starts with small cheese.
  • The enemy turn counter is much more visible.
  • Multiple enemies have had their stats tweaked, some to be harder and some to be easier.
  • Mummies no longer lower the durability of your items, but rather give the player the poison effect upon attacking.
  • Multiple spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed. (More will probably be fixed as well, god knows I can't spell to save my life :T)
  • More Monsters can appear on the start screen.
  • Durability tweaks to a large portion of items
  • Names of people who worked on the game are now credited in-game on the boot-up screen! :)

=Bug Fixes

  • For Mac Users, The game no longer soft-locks on the screen before boss fights.
  • You can no longer put the cursor out-of-bounds in the achievement screen.
  • Increased internal checks for when the player and monster can attack on their turns (Should make battles look a bit less jank and more readable)

Release 1.1.6: Minor Bug fixes from last update (lolz)

=Fixes / Tweaks

  • The Start Screen now properly shows the Version Update, instead of stating it was in 'Indev.'

=Bug Fixes

  • The Forest music no longer keeps playing after death, meaning no more music overlap
  • Status effects no longer get kept between runs, meaning you can't start a run poisoned or fatigued from last run.
  • Some Achievements have been fixed and should properly unlock (internally. Website-side achievements take a while to update and properly be granted to you. But the item should still get unlocked!)

Release 1.1.8: Bug fixes cause this game keeps me up at night.

=Fixes / Tweaks

  • The Halls has more visual distinction from the crypt (more than just being red)
  • Nips the Nimble now starts with more HP
  • The Halls have been tweaked to be slightly less hard

=Bug Fixes

  • On Higher-end Computers, Nips SHOULD NOT appear randomly in the void on the side of the screen when finishing a monster encounter or exiting a treasure room
  • Fixed a glitch where the fade animation played too soon after killing a ghost

(P.S: There are believed to be more versions of this game still out there! When we find a new version we will post it here, so check here often for updates!)

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definately will recomend to anybody

Stomp on me, fulp-sama <3

very cute and interesting

the games good, its fun, i kept stumbling upon strength potions and defeated the boss with one hit.
good game
10/10 would play again

A climatic game with simple but good visuals. I also like the monster designs and the audio. Well done!

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2021
4:24 PM EDT