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Bunker City: The First One

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Well here it is, after three years of work I can finally release the pilot for Bunker City.

It’s been a long process, and I’m going to be completely honest you can really tell the age of some scenes in this, but this thing would literally never get finished if I went back and fixed every little mistake, because there’s a lot of those in here. But yeah to move on from nit-picking my own pilot I’ll just say you can tell the age of a scene by how Sheepgirl looks alone.

I stuck with this project for so long because I really wanted to see these characters and world fully realized. Like every other loser online I want to make my project into a fully fledged animated series. As is I have no means of pitching this to studios but my hope is that somehow this stupid little pilot gets spread around enough online till someone sees it and wants to pick it up. Now I know that’s unrealistic, so I’m fully prepared to go back into my animation dungeon to make another episode, even if it takes another 3 (or more) years. Because if nobody decides to pick this up or if I don’t make it no one will.

So in some form or another please look forward to more Bunker City, because I’m ready to keep working on it. But in the meantime please spread around this pilot and show it to as much people as you can!

Also read the pitchbook here! The pitchbook goes into even more detail about the series and characters-  https://issuu.com/videojunk/docs/pitchbook_doc__sin_noblood

(for archival purposes or in case one of these links go down for whatever reason here’s back-ups for the pitchbook)



Also thanks to some of the other people who made this project possible!

Sheepgirl- https://twitter.com/sleepynightz

Morticia- https://twitter.com/ExorcistGold

Paul- https://twitter.com/GlemWalker

Lewis- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC477mEGtNry7OlSGHt62Cbw

Sam DeCoske- https://soundcloud.com/user-914212911


Also Here’s my Twitter incase you wanted that too- https://twitter.com/Video_Junk

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Sheep girl kill count 2