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Pico's Arcade

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Madness Ninja: 20 Kills 5 Points

Killed 20 enemies

Madness Ninja: 2x Combo 5 Points

Killed 2 enemies at once

Madness Ninja: 3x Combo 5 Points

Killed 3 enemies at once

Sticker (Common): Alien Hominid 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Alien Hominid

Sticker (Common): Green Knight 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Green Knight

Sticker (Common): Grunt 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Grunt

Sticker (Common): The Player 5 Points

Sticker (Common): The Player

Sticker (Common): Tom 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Tom

Sticker (Epic): Cat Dad 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Cat Dad

Sticker (Epic): Gold Whale 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Gold Whale

Sticker (Epic): Necromancer 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Necromancer

Sticker (Epic): Tord 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Tord

Sticker (Epic): Tricky 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Tricky

Sticker (Rare): Edd 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Edd

Sticker (Rare): Hank 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Hank

Sticker (Rare): Orange Knight 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Orange Knight

Sticker (Rare): Pico 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Pico

Sticker (Rare): Racoon 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Racoon

Sticker (Uncommon): Beefy Villager 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Beefy Villager

Sticker (Uncommon): Boyfriend 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Boyfriend

Sticker (Uncommon): Hominid Agent 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Hominid Agent

Sticker (Uncommon): Matt 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Matt

Sticker (Uncommon): The Tank 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): The Tank

Who's Who: 10 Rounds 5 Points

Win 10 rounds

Castle Crashers VS: Victory! 10 Points

Win a game of Castle Crashers VS!

FnF Simon Says: 10 Rounds! 10 Points

Beat 10 rounds!

Madness Ninja: 100% Accuracy (30 kills) 10 Points

Killed 30+ enemies with 100% accuracy!

Madness Ninja: 4x Combo 10 Points

Killed 4 enemies at once

Madness Ninja: 50 Kills 10 Points

Killed 50 enemies

Madness Ninja: 5x Combo 10 Points

Killed 5 enemies at once

Madness Ninja: 6x Combo 10 Points

Killed 6 enemies at once

Mina Miner Magma Mayhem Master! 10 Points

Escaped the magma!

Mina Miner: 100 Blocks 10 Points

Break 100 blocks!

Mina Miner: 500 Blocks 10 Points

Broke 500 blocks!

Pico Roulette: Victory! 10 Points

Win a game of Pico Roulette!

Toss the Turtle: 1 Mile! 10 Points

Survived for 1+ miles!

Who's Who: 25 Rounds 10 Points

Win 25 rounds

Madness Ninja: 100 Kills 25 Points

Killed 100 enemies!

Madness Ninja: 100% Accuracy (50 kills) 25 Points

Killed 50+ enemies with 100% accuracy!

Madness Ninja: 7x Combo 25 Points

Killed 7 enemies at once!

Toss the Turtle: 5 Miles! 25 Points

Survived for 5+ miles!

Toss the Turtle: Victory! 25 Points

Crossed the finish line! (~12 miles)

Who's Who: 50 Rounds 25 Points

Win 50 rounds

Madness Ninja: 100% Accuracy (100 kills) 50 Points

Killed 100+ enemies with 100% accuracy!

Who's Who: 100 Rounds 50 Points

Win 100 rounds!

Author Comments


Version: 1.1

Play Newgrounds-themed minigames, earn coins and collect stickers!


Madness Ninja - Slice heads and avoid bombs!

Who's Who - Pick the iconic Newgrounds character out of the crowd!

Friday Night Funkin' (Simon Says) - Mimic your opponent's moves!

Mina Miner: Magma Mayhem! - Break blocks by typing the correct key and outrun the magma!

Castle Crashers VS - Fight your opponent in the arena with rock paper scissors!

Eddsworld JAM - An interactive version of Edd's Just a Bit Crazy!

Toss the Turtle - A basic version of the classic flash Toss the Turtle!

Portal Pool - Play pool with the Newgrounds emoticons!

I Spy - Use the clues to find the indicated characters!

Pico Roulette: A simple multiplayer version of Pico Roulette!

Pico Jackpot: A basic slot machine.

+ Maybe more in future updates?

Update Log

May 18th 2021 v1.1

  • New Minigame: Pico Jackpot! Play slots and make some moooney :D
  • Pretty sure I fixed and tweaked some stuff on and off during the hiatus but I can't remember what so good luck lol

April 20th 2021 v1.091

  • Quick fix for Pico Roulette not resetting vote count. Hopefully should prevent matches ending incorrectly.
  • Sorry, I was hoping for a bigger update today but the minigame I was working on is actually terrible and I think I'm gonna ditch it.

April 16th 2021 v1.09

  • Added medal for Pico Roulette
  • Removed Eddsworld JAM medal and secret medal.
  • Rearranged games in game select menu
  • Expanded music selection for Pico Roulette

April 15th 2021 v1.07

  • New Minigame: Pico Roulette Multiplayer!
  • v1.08 hotfix - Fixed chances not resetting, added idle gun and light

April 13th 2021 v1.06

  • New Minigame: I SPY! Use the clues to find the indicated characters!

April 12th 2021 v1.05

  • Added options menu, and sliders for BGM and SFX. You can also toggle the slow motion camera for Toss the Turtle.

April 11th 2021 (again) v1.04

  • (Hopefully) fixed Castle Crashers VS showing logged in users as "GuestUser"
  • (Hopefully) fixed Castle Crashers VS giving victory to the losing user
  • Castle Crashers VS added a peer join sound so host will be notified
  • Eddsworld JAM: Added 1 more note for Edd (now goes up to ])
  • Eddsworld JAM: Tom can be played with 1(!) and 2(@), as well as numpad 0 and 1
  • Fixed Who's Who not giving credits on game fail

April 11th 2021 v1.03

  • Fixed Mina Miner text not displaying properly
  • Toss the Turtle: fixed bug that would break the api
  • New Minigame: Portal Pool! (I had better minigame ideas in mind, but I'm having trouble with them so this will have to do for now :3)

April 10th 2021 v1.02

  • Removed audio preloads to make loading faster.
  • Added loading % to load screen
  • Toss the Turtle: Increased spawns for goombas, duglets, and dads
  • Toss the Turtle: Added 500px magnet area around player to attract credits and boost pickups

April 9th 2021 v1.01 Hotfix

  • Fixed FnF medal not working!
  • Thank you so much for daily 2nd and front page! Love you NG, I'm gonna get back to work on the next minigames :3

April 8th 2021 v1.0 - Initial Release!

  • Wheeeeeeee!
  • I'm releasing this early to get some feedback so I can make it as good as I can in time for Pico Day!
  • Have fun!

Misc. Credits

Main menu Pico art by itztomato

Backgrounds by IvanAlmighty

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I like the minigames a lot, (I'm an absolute sucker for minigames) i just wish there was a way to earn more credits in a way that doesn't involve gambling. Overall, good work

i like it, but i think the art needs some work, a lot of the assets are stretched thin

larrynachos responds:

Half of them are pngs ripped from Google, the other half are ripped from the original flash swfs


edit for the creator: If you are so childish that you don't accept criticism of your "game", which is actually shit, grow up and touch the grass

larrynachos responds:

Aw shit I can't believe DuckJoga12345678 thinks my game is bad ;-;

If Toss the Turtle didn't appeal to my sadistic nature, this game would've been a lot worse

larrynachos responds:

xD ain't that the truth

Newgrounds Arcade has some better minigames, I think you'd particularly like Madness Arena

could be better

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2021
2:38 PM EDT