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Pico's Arcade

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Madness Ninja: 20 Kills 5 Points

Killed 20 enemies

Madness Ninja: 2x Combo 5 Points

Killed 2 enemies at once

Madness Ninja: 3x Combo 5 Points

Killed 3 enemies at once

Sticker (Common): Alien Hominid 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Alien Hominid

Sticker (Common): Green Knight 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Green Knight

Sticker (Common): Grunt 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Grunt

Sticker (Common): The Player 5 Points

Sticker (Common): The Player

Sticker (Common): Tom 5 Points

Sticker (Common): Tom

Sticker (Epic): Cat Dad 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Cat Dad

Sticker (Epic): Gold Whale 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Gold Whale

Sticker (Epic): Necromancer 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Necromancer

Sticker (Epic): Tord 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Tord

Sticker (Epic): Tricky 5 Points

Sticker (Epic): Tricky

Sticker (Rare): Edd 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Edd

Sticker (Rare): Hank 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Hank

Sticker (Rare): Orange Knight 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Orange Knight

Sticker (Rare): Pico 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Pico

Sticker (Rare): Racoon 5 Points

Sticker (Rare): Racoon

Sticker (Uncommon): Beefy Villager 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Beefy Villager

Sticker (Uncommon): Boyfriend 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Boyfriend

Sticker (Uncommon): Hominid Agent 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Hominid Agent

Sticker (Uncommon): Matt 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): Matt

Sticker (Uncommon): The Tank 5 Points

Sticker (Uncommon): The Tank

Who's Who: 10 Rounds 5 Points

Win 10 rounds

Castle Crashers VS: Victory! 10 Points

Win a game of Castle Crashers VS!

FnF Simon Says: 10 Rounds! 10 Points

Beat 10 rounds!

Madness Ninja: 100% Accuracy (30 kills) 10 Points

Killed 30+ enemies with 100% accuracy!

Madness Ninja: 4x Combo 10 Points

Killed 4 enemies at once

Madness Ninja: 50 Kills 10 Points

Killed 50 enemies

Madness Ninja: 5x Combo 10 Points

Killed 5 enemies at once

Madness Ninja: 6x Combo 10 Points

Killed 6 enemies at once

Mina Miner Magma Mayhem Master! 10 Points

Escaped the magma!

Mina Miner: 100 Blocks 10 Points

Break 100 blocks!

Mina Miner: 500 Blocks 10 Points

Broke 500 blocks!

Pico Roulette: Victory! 10 Points

Win a game of Pico Roulette!

Toss the Turtle: 1 Mile! 10 Points

Survived for 1+ miles!

Who's Who: 25 Rounds 10 Points

Win 25 rounds

Madness Ninja: 100 Kills 25 Points

Killed 100 enemies!

Madness Ninja: 100% Accuracy (50 kills) 25 Points

Killed 50+ enemies with 100% accuracy!

Madness Ninja: 7x Combo 25 Points

Killed 7 enemies at once!

Toss the Turtle: 5 Miles! 25 Points

Survived for 5+ miles!

Toss the Turtle: Victory! 25 Points

Crossed the finish line! (~12 miles)

Who's Who: 50 Rounds 25 Points

Win 50 rounds

Madness Ninja: 100% Accuracy (100 kills) 50 Points

Killed 100+ enemies with 100% accuracy!

Who's Who: 100 Rounds 50 Points

Win 100 rounds!

Author Comments


Version: 1.1

Play Newgrounds-themed minigames, earn coins and collect stickers!


Madness Ninja - Slice heads and avoid bombs!

Who's Who - Pick the iconic Newgrounds character out of the crowd!

Friday Night Funkin' (Simon Says) - Mimic your opponent's moves!

Mina Miner: Magma Mayhem! - Break blocks by typing the correct key and outrun the magma!

Castle Crashers VS - Fight your opponent in the arena with rock paper scissors!

Eddsworld JAM - An interactive version of Edd's Just a Bit Crazy!

Toss the Turtle - A basic version of the classic flash Toss the Turtle!

Portal Pool - Play pool with the Newgrounds emoticons!

I Spy - Use the clues to find the indicated characters!

Pico Roulette: A simple multiplayer version of Pico Roulette!

Pico Jackpot: A basic slot machine.

+ Maybe more in future updates?

Update Log

May 18th 2021 v1.1

  • New Minigame: Pico Jackpot! Play slots and make some moooney :D
  • Pretty sure I fixed and tweaked some stuff on and off during the hiatus but I can't remember what so good luck lol

April 20th 2021 v1.091

  • Quick fix for Pico Roulette not resetting vote count. Hopefully should prevent matches ending incorrectly.
  • Sorry, I was hoping for a bigger update today but the minigame I was working on is actually terrible and I think I'm gonna ditch it.

April 16th 2021 v1.09

  • Added medal for Pico Roulette
  • Removed Eddsworld JAM medal and secret medal.
  • Rearranged games in game select menu
  • Expanded music selection for Pico Roulette

April 15th 2021 v1.07

  • New Minigame: Pico Roulette Multiplayer!
  • v1.08 hotfix - Fixed chances not resetting, added idle gun and light

April 13th 2021 v1.06

  • New Minigame: I SPY! Use the clues to find the indicated characters!

April 12th 2021 v1.05

  • Added options menu, and sliders for BGM and SFX. You can also toggle the slow motion camera for Toss the Turtle.

April 11th 2021 (again) v1.04

  • (Hopefully) fixed Castle Crashers VS showing logged in users as "GuestUser"
  • (Hopefully) fixed Castle Crashers VS giving victory to the losing user
  • Castle Crashers VS added a peer join sound so host will be notified
  • Eddsworld JAM: Added 1 more note for Edd (now goes up to ])
  • Eddsworld JAM: Tom can be played with 1(!) and 2(@), as well as numpad 0 and 1
  • Fixed Who's Who not giving credits on game fail

April 11th 2021 v1.03

  • Fixed Mina Miner text not displaying properly
  • Toss the Turtle: fixed bug that would break the api
  • New Minigame: Portal Pool! (I had better minigame ideas in mind, but I'm having trouble with them so this will have to do for now :3)

April 10th 2021 v1.02

  • Removed audio preloads to make loading faster.
  • Added loading % to load screen
  • Toss the Turtle: Increased spawns for goombas, duglets, and dads
  • Toss the Turtle: Added 500px magnet area around player to attract credits and boost pickups

April 9th 2021 v1.01 Hotfix

  • Fixed FnF medal not working!
  • Thank you so much for daily 2nd and front page! Love you NG, I'm gonna get back to work on the next minigames :3

April 8th 2021 v1.0 - Initial Release!

  • Wheeeeeeee!
  • I'm releasing this early to get some feedback so I can make it as good as I can in time for Pico Day!
  • Have fun!

Misc. Credits

Main menu Pico art by itztomato

Backgrounds by IvanAlmighty

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Really Fun

Another great NG minigame comp! Loved this one!

bastante mejorable, tiene minijuegos entretenidos y una interfaz agradable, pero bastante basica

Love this game a fun time for sure!
Controls a bit funky on mobile but it's fine.
Kinda sad that the multiplayer games don't have single player modes but besides that it's super fun looking forward for more updates!

larrynachos responds:

project file is gone so no more updates lol sorryu