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Block Rush

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Block Rush is a retro styled puzzle game where you can't stop moving until you hit something. Reach the chest to win and take the crown for added challenge. Move with your arrow keys, enter a level with X and exit it with O. Interact with objects with X once in a level. Encounter a variety of objects as you progress through the increasingly difficult levels.

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Very short but creative and addictive puzzle game. I personally think this game can work with medals since the crowns are very challenging collectibles.


I completed all the levels!

Just came here today, and this game is the shit. It’s fun and simple, and reminds me of simpler times where I’d go online to play flash games on a laptop. Glad this site exists.

One of the best puzzlers I've seen on this site. It's so much fun that I got 80% of the way through, accidentally lost my progress (be careful not to refresh), and still came back to get all 32 exits and crowns.
The crowns can be hard at times, but the level mechanics are demonstrated well enough that if you take a minute to examine the limited route on which the crown can be obtained, then you can find a way to get there.
What's most impressive is the effort to keep everything original and diverse. Things like the death box on Level 25 are things that are only done once, whereas most sliding block puzzles overuse level design such. It really helps keep the gameplay fresh and intriguing.