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Virus Hunter

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Author Comments

Someone actually challenged me if i could create a WORKING GAME just in 1 Day for April-Fools day...well and so i did i guess.

Sure its a bit plain and i could have done a bit better (like maybe adding SOUNDS...) maybe but again, I was LIMITED in time AND day.

With that Said, i created this game here, "Virus Hunter" in less than 5 HOURS.

Basicly the game is something like Robotron 2000 but, again, a bit simpler maybe with some twists.

I tried to put at much info and stuff into the game as for the time i had But for some stuff which might be missing, i will add it here in the discription:

  • The Player has only ONE life and takes over his Health to the next level
  • You can HOLD DOWN the Left Mouse Button to shot
  • "Persons" die if you shot them (lose 250 Points)
  • "Persons" turn into infected if they get to much contact with infested or sneezers (lose 250 Points as well)
  • "Persons" Heal you for a bit if you can save them (200 Points as well for saving them)
  • You get 3 more cures every round (if you have some from the other round left, they stack up to 100!)
  • Infected/Sneezers have hitpoints which vary between 1 - 4 (each shot they take also gives you 50 Points)
  • Shooting Infected/Sneezers with a CURE turns them back into a Person (gives 100 Points)
  • Shooting a Person with a CURE gives them back full health (gives 100 Points as well)
  • Infected grain SPEED the longer youre in a room
  • Every room adds sure more enemys

So i hope you enjoy the game. Its sure not a "masterpiece" but again, for a game done quick i think it works, at least, well.

Music Credits:

schematist - "adventures in mana"

electronic-senses - "better"

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for a game developed in one day, this is pretty great! the game is simplistic yet fun and the music is pretty good! great job :)