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Eddsworld - Beaster Bunny

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Directed by

Matt Hargreaves

Produced by

Christopher Bingham & Matt Hargreaves

Written by

Matt Hargreaves & Jamie Spicer-Lewis

George Gould as Edd

Matt Hargreaves as Matt

And introducing

Ed Templer as Tom


Vivienne Medrano

Brock Baker

Stefan Johnson

Arin Hanson

Dan Avidan

David Kalev-Roy

Pippin Kelly

Wayne Degen

Jon Lopez

Jamie Spicer-Lewis

Christopher Bingham

Brian Firenzi

Maria Firenzi

Mandy Celine

Benjamin Rudman

Lead Animator Jon Lopez

Animation by

Collin Bogert

Wayne Degen Jr

David Kalev-Roy

Pippin Kelly

Mike Picone

Franchesca Pun

Matt Hargreaves

Vincent Vintdoo

Backgrounds by Collin Bogert & David Kalev-Roy

Storyboarded by Jon Lopez & Pippin Kelly


by David Kalev-Roy

Character Design by

Jon Lopez

Wayne Degen Jr

Pippin Kelly

Collin Bogert

Foley by

David Head

Music by

Daniel Dobbs

Theme by

Matt Hargreaves & Christopher Bingham

Edited by

Christopher Bingham

Special Thanks to TMC, Cree, Darcy, C Money, Alex, Cody, Campbell, Joel, Aidan, Billy

EDDSWORLD 2021 Dedicated to Edd Gould

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It would be cool if they change it to eggsworld

yes yes yes


keep it up eddsworld, im a big fan!!!! :D