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Silent Bob - Stoner

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Author Comments

EDIT 4/21: Just noting that as of this moment, the review score is at 6.9 ... A very, um, GOOD number, if you ask me! ^^ Oh, and "Jay - Dealer" is out. Watch it (if you liked this one).

EDIT 1/21: O_O DAILY FEATURE!!! w00t!

EDIT 1/20: Please, visit APPLE.COM/SWITCH if you want to understand why it is a parody or why it resembles so closely the Dark Side Switch (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=68643). Got it? good. ^^ Snootchie bootchies!

OK, here it is! My first Flash movie ever! :-D So take it easy on me guys! And yes, I am aware that I'm doing a parody of something that is what? almost a year old now? I chose this because i thought it would be fairly easy to animate. Making it showed me much as to the ways of tweening! I thought I'd never get the smoke to look halfway decent. Anyway, try and enjoy my first lame flash movie. ^^

EDIT 1/20: Optimized it a LOT (HALFED the filesize), also sped up the animation for the grapple, and turned the replay arrow to point left.

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i don't understand this...

I agree with MyRockstarComplex

It was very boring with out Jay and not original. "I'm a Stoner" isn't something Bob would just say, it felt so unnatural and dumb. I suggest you make "Hay, I'm Jay and this is Silent Bob" - Jay "Hello, Jay and Silent Bob" - Audience "We're Stoners!!!!!!". Make it look like one of those rehab meetings. Bob is always the person who shows with his body movements what Jay is saying. You really don't understand how they work. One isn't funny with out the other. The logo's cool though

Silent Bob without Jay, really isn't worth it.

You've got to look at the character's dynamics. Jay does all the shit talking, and swearing for the both of them, and SB is the one who gives the comedic relief to it. Without one, the other isn't funny. It's hard to do something about these guys, because Kevin Smith's talent that he puts into these two characters, is unmatchable. Really, anything about these guys, that isn't from him, isn't going to be good. It could be hilarious when done by other characters (perferably none as famous as these two), but when you use the same script for them, it's horrid. Without the Kevin Smith touch, it's never going to be great. Also, I think everyone knows that Jay/SB are stoners, seeing as it's abundantly clear, and pointed out many times in the movies, so a flash dedicated to SB being a stoner, is basically, in a metaphoric term, "beating the horse for all it's got", or "pinching the penny" in other words, you are just telling us more about the same character, without actually, telling us something. Lastly, the grappling gun isn't near as cool, if it's just SB. You need Jay there, to make it put homosexual thoughts into your brain. You see what I mean? I did notice how you drew SB, and I must say, with jay, a really good script, and a background, you could have a front pager.

Again? No thanks

I love Jay & Silent Bob, but i didn't like this. It was too short and, to be honest, was pretty pointless too.


another year since last reviw, lol nice, silent bob n jay are da bomb

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2003
2:24 PM EST
  • Daily Feature January 20, 2003