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Weird Eyes

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A little flash I whipped up in 2 days(excluding gfx). Try moving your mouse on to the middle of his nose, hehe.



I guess you could say it caught my eye, nice and detailed, would have been great with some music, and maybe some backrounds, nice and scary rolling eyeys though...


That was a game?

You could certainly tell it only took two days, only his eyes moved! Something else needed to happen to make it a game. I gave violence a 1 for the cut on his face, and humor a 2 because it was funny because it sucked so much...

Spend more time on things, and maybe they won't suck so much.


Kinda funny.

The graphics got a ten because the eye movement looked great. But everything else sucked. Try using this technology to do something sweet.

Weird lookin bloke

K dude i dont no why u made this u should think about sumthing bigger add sound a storyline even thats jus my advice the grapics are good !

Picture was cool.

When I saw those two eyes, I thought this was going to be a blam, but when I saw the picture I thought it was tight.

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2.46 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2003
2:18 PM EST
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