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Gun Orphan

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This default difficulty of this game was balanced around the assumption that you are using a mouse. If you are playing with a trackpad and having trouble, you may prefer the easy difficulty setting. The difficulty can be changed after starting the game, just press P to open the pause menu and select a new difficulty.


Thanks a bunch for putting this on the front page!


I have converted a big chunk of my finite human life span into this video game, which I now present to you.

In the game, you use your psychic orphan powers to murder enemies in the most brutal manner possible. Also, there is cool club music and guns.

I recommend that you play full screen.


Orphan Controls:

  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Hold Space - Shadow Sprint (Move Fast)
  • Hold Alt/Right Click With Mouse Over Enemy - Mind Ray (Blows Up Head)
  • Press Alt/Right Click With Mouse Over Gun - Gun Kinesis (Remotely Pick Up Gun)

Press P when in-game to open the pause menu. This menu can be used to:

  • Change the difficulty
  • Go back to the title screen
  • Toggle on/off the display of current run time in game
  • Toggle the audio state: Unmuted / Music Muted / All Sounds Muted

Press R when in-game to reset the current level

Press Left Click to advance dialog


I support recent versions (less then two years old) of:

Definitely don't play the game on the non-chromium version of the Edge browser, there is a bug in its implementation of web audio which causes the game to run slower the more you play it.

If you are playing on Opera, turn off mouse gestures, otherwise the control scheme will result in you opening and closing random tabs. Alternatively, you can remove Opera from your computer altogether and install a normal human browser.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll post any patch information here.

1st April

  • Massively nerfed the Mind Ray power to make it work more like I intended it to
  • Increased contrast in several areas of the game, most notably between the wall panels and floor
  • Slightly reduced the inertia on character movement
  • Removed most room geometry that could get in the players way

3rd April

Sprint With Shift Support

Added support for sprinting with shift. There are good reasons I didn't do this the first time around:

  • In Firefox, shift-right click opens a context menu which de-focuses the game, even if it is full screen. This is a problem if you prefer to mind ray using the right mouse button.
  • On Windows, shift-alt opens the keyboard language settings. This is a problem if you prefer to mind ray using the alt key.

There is nothing I can do to disable these hot keys - its entirely up to user configuration. You can disable the keyboard language thing by following the instructions here. I don't know how to turn off the shift-right click thing, so if you want to sprint with shift, use chrome or a chromium based browser.

Due to the above problems, I haven't integrated the shift-key option into the tutorial. It's just an extra feature for those who read the patch notes.

Happy Friends Mode

As there was a bit of controversy regarding the orphan death component of this game, I have added a new "Happy Friends Mode". With this option enabled, instead of dying violently when defeated, the orphan will get a lollipop and pat on the head from her pal FriendThing. Yay!


Fan Art

Check out an awesome drawing of the Orphan made by tsunblock here: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tsunblock/the-orphan

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my two favorite things, orphans and guns.

The son of Madness. But much more exciting

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2021
4:35 AM EDT