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Pools & Toasters : Foamy The Squirrel

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Foamy asks an important question...

(2nd episode of the new "Island Series" I've been working on. No idea where it's going... but that's the fun part)


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Enjoying these new ones too, though wonder if the jokes really make me laugh as much as they used to hmm... missing some kind of punchline? Something unexpected? Something crazy and violent? Just something witty in words? Intriguing toaster though...


Am I dumb for saying how some of the older Foamy cartoons were pleasing to look at and have at least stylized anatomy than the newer ones??? I just don't see the appeal with the new artstyle.

Foamy you savage little bastard! LOL!

That could've ended worse.

I just love the way Paulin (sp?) is voiced lol makes me laugh whenever I hear it for some reason :3