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Missile mayhem

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Author Comments

In this game the enemies attack when you attack! Dodge your and your enemies' guided missiles and guide them to your enemies. 

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Interesting concept. It's almost like a puzzle game...almost. Could use some improvement, but not bad.

UkuNano responds:


Hello UkoNano!

I just played your game, and I'm liking the intro screeen and menu with how to play A LOT. It looks very clean. Would just add a restart at the end after you beat the game.

So your enemy response is based on me firing and the enemy fires back shot for shot, and always tracks my ship. This means that every level requires essentially the same strategy, to fire a missile, strafe to the side and wait for my missile to hit while i dodge. Which is fine for the first 2 levels. This mechanic doesn't necessarily detract from the game, but it does make the first 8 levels seems nearly identical.

Levels 9 and 10 start to scale in difficulty, so these are great!

You have 3 upgrades
Upgrade Boost Speed (Not sure what this does)
Upgrade Speed (This one is crystal clear)
Upgrade Boost Amount (Not sure what this one does)

Would work on a death sprite, possibly scattered debris for both the player unit when it gets hit, and for enemy bases. I like the missiles leave a mark, maybe just add a little more. Lets be honest, people like missiles because they make explosions and blow stuff up. You got the explosions, maybe just a little debris :)

This game feels like a puzzle game where i have to destroy and evade in a certain way to get to an objective. I think you've got a great start, and you could start to scale up the difficulty by adding enemies that are partially shielded on say 2 or 3 sides from my missiles.

I think the blue enemies are more helpful to me than harmful. How they are being used right now makes levels a little easier, it feels like they want to be placed closer to me in a tunnel so they have a higher chance of stopping my missiles first instead of stopping enemy missiles. If you want to really make better use of them, then blue enemy shots can't stop enemy missiles, just mine.

I think this is a fun little concept game. There's a lot of potential to add on levels, don't be shy, keep adding those turrets in different configurations!

UkuNano responds:

Thanks a lot for the detailed rewiew!

Hey, that was a pretty enjoyable game. I liked how you even have to use some tactics(e.g: first kill the enemies shooting rockets, and only then kill the one that shoots EMP charges cause otherwise you get overwhelmed too quickly). I have some ideas for improvement, though:

1)Make the player ship's collider a bit smaller. Sometimes when you get hit, it looks like the missile was nowhere near the ship and it makes you angry.
2)Show a different ship sprite when it's destroyed.
3)Add some music.
4)Add sprites for enemies, cause otherwise they're too abstract now, and don't fit into overall art style.

UkuNano responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty cool concept of a puzzle dodging game.
One problem I have is that the upgrades doesn't felt like it made any significant impact, though you could probably remove the upgrade system and it would feel fine.
The other is the design of levels, where some levels just felt like an identical to another. And maybe you can modify the playing field where it isn't always a cube.

UkuNano responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Its very nice!, it would be cool if you add more levels, but it's pretty cool

UkuNano responds:


Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2021
10:40 AM EDT