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dinos parkour

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I finished in about 39 health left. If I was trying, I could have finished it with possibly 55 health left. Those parts where you fall with no platform at the bottom was no problem for me but others may find it unfair.

Next time try going for quality rather than quantity. I am going to give this 3 stars because despite the game needing a lot of work some of the levels were actually kind of fun... However, that is a small portion of the 121 levels that I played... 121 levels.. and about 95% of them may as well have been the same level. My thoughts on things that would improve this game:

1. Try and make levels that are interesting, challenging, puzzling, or a combination of the three. Fewer better levels is way better than a ton of bad ones.

2. If you are going to have lives (yes, even a butt ton of lives) the player shouldn't start out in a position to die or in a position where if you fall to the platform below the starting point you can't get to where you need to go. You did the first one quite often, I only noticed one level where the second was true.

3. Don't bother adding stuff to the menu until you have implemented it. The 'skins' didn't work for me, not that it impacted the game, but still.

4. I don't know if it was purposeful or accidental, but there are a number of levels with essentially invisible platforms. My guess is there is a single pixel there, possibly something you forgot to erase.

5. The red lines.. You had two of these levels in what I played, where the platforms are disguised by red lines that you can fall through. I am fine with a certain amount of trial and error, but trying to make a jump where you have no indication of where you should move to kind of sucks. I had an idea of where it should be, but for all I knew there was a pixel somewhere in the center I was supposed to hit. There should be an indication even if slight as to where platforms are, and definitely not making a jump the maximum you can jump.

6. The red vignette when you are on your last life. First, this is pointless, the player probably knows they are on their last life. Second, this is detrimental, why make levels less visible to a player on their last life? It makes no sense. If you really feel the need to add some kind of emphasis that the player is on their last life change the life counter or make it flash, but kill the vignette.

As the levels do not appear to be procedurally generated I assume this has an end, but I am not going to play through 121 levels over again, much less however many come after that to get to some ending.

Overall I feel like you put some effort into this, and in some places it was kind of fun. That being said I think the effort could have been better used in fewer better levels. I am giving 3 stars and I feel like that is being nice. Keep trying, you will get there.

AX0S responds:

check out my new game desert adventure i have made som changes there thanks for your feedback and the skins worked for me actually

Cool Game

65 HP. That's kinda too much.

AX0S responds:

well it is a lot of levels

Credits & Info

1.86 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2021
4:07 AM EDT