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Download & install instructions:

- Open the zip file

- Extract the file

- Click the exe file and then the game starts

i Hope you enjoy.

You will maybe get angry playing this game so uhh sorry..?

patch 0.2 : 

- ​sometimes you could get stuck when moving wood ( Patched )

- the flying cappuccino takes full circles around the map to get to you ( Patched )

Some picture :


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hey moonlight u might recognize me but lets pretend that we don't know each other (:

Anyway , I completed the demo and it was ok , I'm gonna split my feedback to three parts : pros - cons - conclusion

lets start things off positively
- the art direction of this demo was stunning man , the protagonist , the grass , the mushrooms , the lava , the sunlight , etc

- the level design was great most of the time which is an important thing for a platformer

- the minimap was a great addition to the gameplay since it can help you see whats below you or whats above you

the negatives :
- the controls were not smooth , for example the character is SO FAST which makes the platforming not accurate , if there was a running mechanic I don't think it would have been a problem

- the physics were not polished enough , when my character falls or jumps i feel like I'm controlling a feather , the same goes to the logs , sometimes they fall vertically and sometimes they fall horizontally

- when i said the level design was great most of the time its because the levels sometimes feels... huge for example , the final level was so big that made the level feels empty

in conclusion : I enjoyed my time with this demo , i know it has some flaws but hopefully the full game will be more polished

Good luck moonlight u have my support (:

Some issues I encountered while playing:
1)Controls are too jerky: when you fall between rows of sawblades it's too hard to control, and you run into them and die. Also, it's really hard to jump onto a platform above you.
2)Controls are explained properly, for example I didn't know that you could double jump, until I realized that the level would be unbeatable without it.
3)Same with the hazards, you could've added text to indicate that the grey round things are sawblades, that instakill you.
4)There is no reason for wooden logs to have such inertia and to be able to rotate.
5)There is also no reason to use mouse to control anything, cause you don't use the pointer at all, you could've attached attack to a keyboard key.

Other than that I think with some polish you can make quite a decent and enjoyable game.
Good luck!


Thank you some much for your feedback , i'd like to point out one thing tho , the controls are meant to be some what hard and frustrating , thx again for your comment it really helps

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2021
9:53 AM EDT