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Author Comments

   Madeline is a prodigy child. Since she is very good in the arts of fighting, she's admitted to the training school of the Purple Legion at a very young age. The Legion is made up of expert warriors and wizards who aim to protect the world from evil forces, and for that purpose they learned and teached the ancient art of manipulating Crystals to become stronger. After a few years of training, Madeline's agile movements and precise skills made her the most suitable person for an important mission. Her master, Ettore, informs that all along he had been preparing her to defend the world from a mystical invasion foreseen by some old prophecy. That's when he sends her to the Ancient Forest in order to investigate what is causing this imbalance and close the magical rifts that are open.












“Madeline” is our first game(still a demo), which started out as a simple project among friends, but as it came to life it became something bigger and that we are very excited to continue. For the time being we offer the first stage of the game, located in the Ancient Forest, and we intend to develop two other levels. The intent of our game is to give you the experience of a sidescroller platformer with an interesting level of difficulty. One that you can combine moments of combat and exploration in balance with puzzles that require precision. All this wrapped up with some intriguing story. 

So, now we ask for your support. If you liked the game (or even if not) we want to know your opinion! Leave a comment about the fluidity of the game, especially in relation to movement, combat, level of difficulty, and also about the visuals and narrative aspects if you can. Or just answer our form, we promise it only takes 2 minutes. We really want to hear you out. And thank you for the gameplay!

Form: https://forms.gle/Y6UzVezQcU96C4jx5

For further contact: doublemindcontato@gmail.com

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It looks like it'll become a good game. My two cents are that when you're in the natural world at the beginning, I tend to prefer having a keyboard button to attack instead of mouse button to attack, unless the attack is targeted toward the mouse cursor which would make binding to the mouse button more appropriate. Once I was in the rift, getting LMB to control the movable platforms was sort of hit-or-miss and I would often just have the player attack instead of grabbing a platform to move. The very first one messed me up because it swapped the platform opacity when I moved it all the way down to jump on it -- I'm not sure if that's even intentional or a bug but it's very unintuitive and unnatural feeling. It was also a little unintuitive that you could only move the movable blocks while they're transparent but not when they're solid, and I'm not completely sure if that's a bug or a feature (it would be fine to keep as a feature if intended). I could get through the rift until I reached a point where there were two back-to-back vertically moving blocks with the same start and end y-coordinates and I couldn't manage to grab and move either of them (most of the time when I tried clicking on them the player attacked, but I could occasionally click on them and have the player not attack but was still not able to move the blocks afterward), so I stopped at that point.

doublemindgames responds:

Hey thank you for your tips and feedback, that will help us a lot in the future!! We choose to put the attack button on the mouse because of the rift! Isnt intuitive to put your hand on/off the mouse all the time(cause we need the mouse to move block in the rift). About the miss click on LMB to move blocks, the window its to small, If you do CTRL + the window game it will be bigger, and the cursor it will be smaller. I dont know if the website has a FullScreen mode, I coudnt find. But that will solve thist problem. About the line limits, was intended, you need to be careful moving the blocks. Try to do the thing with CTRL + and let the window bigger, it will be much easir for you, and let me know if was better! Thank you for you comment, you helped us a lot with that <3

Cool concept of the game, most stuff felt intuitive as a plat-former puzzle game, though a few things could be improved.

Like most games do, fast dialogue could be the mouse button, or even the action button itself.

Also, the difficulty ramping from level 1 to 2 was too harsh. In level 1 the precision of jumping required was very little, and all of a sudden in level 2 you require very precision jumping and placements.

doublemindgames responds:

Hey, thank you for your feedback and tips! We did the game as a hard difficulty level on purpose! But we are still taking some feedbacks about that, we want to improve! Thank you

good game

doublemindgames responds:

thank you <3

this is pretty good for a demo!

doublemindgames responds:

hey, thank you for playing, we hope that you enjoyed!

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2021
11:15 AM EDT