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Red 22

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Author Comments

A game that my friend made that i revamped. Shoutout to https://scratch.mit.edu/users/blockpup/ for giving me the game to revamp and upload here.

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Interesting little concept here with a simple scroller and one action. I like the sound effect and ending music.

Some things the game could use to help refine it:
1) A title screen or basic intro screen showing what we should be doing.

2) Maybe when the game is over, the restart button is more than just a small arrow off the side, since there's nothing else a player can do at this point, it should be more prominent. Think about it like this, when the game starts up, you've got this red box area that everything happens in, that makes it seem like that area is the game area, so putting your restart button off to the side outside this area makes it hard to find. It also makes it seem like you're using processing power rendering a game window that you're only really using 2/3 of. For your game it's not intensive so it's not an issue, but with more graphics, you'll want to not make the game window have big parts that you don't use.

3) I think you could easily work in a scrolling background and ground to help give the game more of a feeling like you're moving and avoiding obstacles. Right now it feels like you're standing still and these blocks are coming at you.

4) Make stats actually affect the player.

5) If the enemies have HP attack and defense, we need a lot more information showing this. Right now I think they are invulnerable.

6) Perhaps the most important comment is that for this type of farming game, it is super important that tokens and stats from previous farms should roll-over. Right now, I just assume everything kills me, but there's no information available to let me know how swole i need to be to start tanking stuff. (once stats actually work, they should roll-over to the next game).

7) It would be nice if as the game progressed we saw different enemies, different backgrounds, etc... Giving a player the idea that time or distance is passing helps us to keep doing the same thing far longer than if we have the same characters and static environment.

8) It took me a while to figure out that FARM increases tokens gained by my farm amount. Maybe call this something different, or allow me to mouseover stats for a quick tooltip description of what they do. That will help the player a lot, around 540 farm i'm gaining more tokens than I can actually spend with butterfly clicking the farm button.

9) The overall pace of how much hp/regen/farm I have to build with what i'm getting for tokens and how focused i have to be in my time make this game pretty exhausting.
We're doing a lot of work for essentially no reward. These numbers need to scale up more quickly.

10) If we could buy in multiples of 1x, 10x, and 100x, that would help the pacing of this game too.

BUGS / Issues :
A) There's a pretty big bug where If I restart while I'm jumping, I stay up in the air and enemies pass harmlessly under me.
B) It seems that my proximity to the enemy is what gets my HP, when i just barely touch a pixel i lose health, but if I go 2 pixels I'm completely dead.
C) Your (+ 0.1 Regen) appears to actually be reducing your Regen Timer by 0.01 Seconds, the button is displaying the wrong thing.
D) Sometimes enemies give me double tokens. I don't mind, but it seems like a bug.

Sooooo I used the bug to stay safe and farm. I wanted to know just how big the enemies were. I farmed to 540 Farm, which got me more tokens than I could spend, I got the rest of my stats up high, and then tried to tank the blocks. I've come to determine, that the stats have absolutely no effect on the character.
Speed: 7.76
Defense: 1000
Points: 676
Tokens: 164496
Regen Time: 0.18 (Capped)
HP: 1327.565
Regen: 1.286

It took me nearly an hour in bugged mode to reach these stats, and I still died the first time I hit a red block. You've got farming mechanics, but at the end of the day its still only working a 1 HP dodge game. Unfortunately the game seems like more than it really is, and I hope you can get that fixed :)

You've got some basics down with dodging enemies, interacting with enemies, and some type of upgrade system. Now you can move on to backgrounds, sprites that move, player movements, upgrades affecting the players, enemy scaling. My score reflects that there is a lot of potential for growth, and I'd like to see where can take this!

OzzanTV responds:

Dude what the heck lol, I did not expect actual feedback! Thanks! Me and my friend read your comment and me might actually rewrite the game due to many things such as me losing this original file due to me having to factory reset because I basically just took my friends game and made it look better. And also might rewrite it due to the bugs and well making it so that we can add actual advanced ui without having to go through the obstacle of old code. We'll definitely make this game actually engaging too lol. (Btw this is a game my friend made 2 years ago that he told me about so I decided to make it better)

The weird jumping and crouching make it nearly impossible, but if you were to fix that it might be a decent game.

Credits & Info

2.38 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2021
1:14 AM EDT