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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Sonic (movie final battle) - but way past worse

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Future me here. First of all, I am sincerely sorry for the amount of credits you have to read. Though if I had to say one thing about all this, whew. This was quite the ride.

If anything has to be added or deleted. Or altered and such, please do tell me in the comments and/or via a message.



Warning: If you do not like Sonic the Hedgehog, possible fast/flashing(?)/repeated imagery/loud noises, low effort/quality 'animations', slight references to violence and anything in that topic and unfunny and/or repeated jokes/very weird/bad humor, it is advised to click off this video.

It is also advised to click off if you do not want to see references to/spoilers of:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (Movie)
  2. OMORI
  3. Minecraft
  4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5: Golden Wind
  5. Dragon Ball: Super
  6. Other Gen Z(?) Memes

Otherwise, sit back, relax, and, well, enjoy the newly-expired 30 seconds of your time!



Made for @Fenixshifter's Award Show (that will be in said account soon enough, will edit this if either some changes need to be made to the video due to any reason and/or if the Award Show is finally published), the theme was supposedly a Movie Parody. I first initially thought of the Entire Sonic Movie in under 30 seconds, but that would have been too much work/pressure.

(Oh right, this is the first time I'm ever posting a Movie Entry on NG, if any advice should be told, please do so!)



Credits (SFX in order)

@Fenixshifter - The Award Show

Shuttershock (and other Stock Media) - Stock Image Backgrounds

Taco Bell - Bell/Bong

bo en - My Time (OMORI Version)

Gosto de Piscina - King Crimson Green Screen

??? - Gunshot SFX

thecheeseman - hurt2.wav

??? - Nyooom

Mojang/Minecraft - Nether Portal SFX

??? - Explosion

??? - Reverb Flatus

Discord - Ping

??? - Migatte No Gokui/Clash of Gods/The Final Death-Match

Paramount Pictures - Sonic the Hedgehog (Movie) and it's title card

SEGA/Yuji Naka - Sonic the Hedgehog

OMOCAT - Omori

Hirohiko Araki - JJBA

David Productions - JJBA (Animated)

Akira Toriyama - Dragon Ball (Super)

Toei Animation - Dragon Ball (Super, Animated)

Uv Zwsf - Kypw (Maybe this means something...)

TL;DR - All media and assets belong to their original owners.


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Too bad, I read all of that *after* watching.

Fenixshifter responds:

You son of a bi-

shintsukimi205 responds:

You absolute madman...