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Typy Battle System.

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Author Comments

Tip: You might need to click the Enemy to view their HP

If you would like to try out the offline version:

Check out the download section on the Itch.io release ---> here.

ALSO: Please don't double click the stance boxes, again and again, it causes another game-breaking bug. Please. Have mercy on me. I can't keep updating the project again and again. (Although nobody asks me to I just do it because....I...don't know?)


An RPG battle system with emphasis on words and actions, inspired by Earthbound and Undertale!

This is a short game I made using SCRATCH 3.0 Desktop.

This is an explanation of how most game functions work:

IMPORTANT: Use the mouse to left-click on the stance box to write down commands.

(Using > before commands is optional, if a command somehow doesn't work, try using it)


During a fight, you have to click on words related to violence to hurt the enemy. In theory, these words are what the character/player speaks out to hurt the enemy.

But fighting is not the only solution.


Gestures are another way to handle enemies without fighting and can be accessed by >gesture. Different gesture commands can be entered through the stance: gesture bar. These gestures help to increase your befriending chances essentially, after enough tries you can end battles peacefully by befriending the enemy through the >befriend command.


Goods are where you have your items. Mostly food. Food items can be consumed, or shared with the enemy. The enemy will take the item and appreciate this kind gesture, also increasing your chances of befriending enemies.

**To Consume/Share Items you need to use the prefix first and then the item name. Something like;

[prefix] (space) apple/item name here

Be sure to give [space] between the two words for the command to work!


Gives you a chance to escape battles. (Screen might freeze after you escape the battle, you might need to refresh the page for that)


When Enemies are fond of you, they become reluctant to fight and leave them open and unwilling to fight, Allowing you to befriend or ͏k̴̡͖̭̜̙̠̙̩̻̰̜͔̩̦̞͙͕̥͙͉̯̪̝̝̞̪̽́̆̈́̅̏̇͆͜͝͏ḯ̶̢̛͚̖̙̮̝͇̰̭̱͉̬͉͈͔̞̩͉̰͍͇̃͐̋͂̀̎̒̕͘͜ͅ͏l̴̥̳͚̽̓̅̊̆͆͝͏ļ̴̭̣̠̫̳̩̯̠̻͍̻̺̭̭̮̦̰̱̣̤̉̏̃̉̇̔͒̇̅̆͆̐̏̈̈́̿̓̈́̓͗̑̀̔̿̕͜͜͜ ̴͍̭̭̻͋̽̓͋̒̿̄̒̑̔̆̔̏͝͏t̸̡̛̛̛͚̺͖͍̘̣͚͇͈̉̍͆̇̏͆̑̒̂̀́̇̃̓̎̊̿̈́͒̎͐̎̕̕̚ͅͅ͏h̸̢̖̞͎̙̭̬̜͓̬̗͓̘͇̿̒̾̈́͜͜ͅ͏ȩ̶̤͎̝͙̫͌͑̍͋̓̍̒̌̂̽̔̌͘͜͝͏ṃ̵̢̧̮̭̬̖͓͈͇͙̗͓̭͎͙̩̳̳̙͗́̋͌̄͌̈͌̈́̒̈́̍͊͊̆̕̕̕͝͝͝ͅͅ

There might be a lot of bugs and issues that I have overlooked. This is my first major game and I am not a very experienced programmer. I'm sorry, there are 5 different ways of ending battles, it's up to you to find them!


Programming: Dardudee 

Sound effects: Dardudee

Sprite work: Dardudee

Background: Dardudee




Toby Fox and Shigesato Itoi for inspiration

>pooplllso. A

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This is amazing for Scratch! For someone who basically can only use scratch, this is pure magic. The command system is super cool, albeit a bit tricky to get a hold of. The learning curve is a bit janky, but I'd love to see a bunch more out of this concept! All you really need is a bit of polish and I'd say this could be an amazing experience

weirdfisher52 responds:

Thank you so much for trying it out! I agree, the concept its self is quite tricky, which Is why I have in depth instructions and a small tutorial at start (hope the tutorial did help you). I still work once a while to polish it up and fix bugs as much as I can. (Some cases I am restricted due to limitations)

how did you get rid of that flag and the scratch watermark???

weirdfisher52 responds:

I used https://sheeptester.github.io/htmlifier/ to convert my scratch project to a html file, it has those functions.

This game fucks for being made in scratch, you should really learn a more powerful engine like unity because I think you could go brazy with the right tools.

It took me a minute to realize you have to include the > in your response, you should allow the player to type without the > If not you should at least include a little text warning that tells the player that or at least notifies the player in some way that their response was invalid instead of just having nothing happen.

Pretty much anything else id have to say is merely limitations of the engine.

weirdfisher52 responds:

Hey thanks for trying our my game! I definitely agree with what you have to say. I am considering to remake this later in another engine, such as unity or maybe Game maker studio 2. Scratch is pretty inferior and limited but I tried to make the best of my abilities and limitations. The code is very inefficient and a bit broken as Well, so reworking it from "scratch" (pun intended) in a new engine is definitely to consider later. Also the warning when you write an incorrect command would be a bit hard to impliment but I will try my best to impliment it by the next update!

Edit: I did an update with more helpful tutorial messages, the command checker, or the "little text warning for incorrect response" is something I'm looking into atm, if successful it'll be added in the next update!

You are awesome

weirdfisher52 responds:

OMG thank you so much, I'm flattered XD
Glad you enjoyed!

cool little mini rpg could use a few touchups like auto command so you dont have to type > every time and the sprite could use some detail

weirdfisher52 responds:

Thank you so much for trying out my game! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it! The auto command is an interesting idea, but I would feel it would be hard to impliment in Scratch. I could, alternatively remove > in general but chances are that would fluctuate the code(since it's pretty inefficient and bad coding in general lol) The sprite is pretty basic but it's alright for now, once I'm done with custom backgrounds I might work on that once again as well. If there's anything else, do let me know :)

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2021
3:54 AM EDT
  • FL Studio
  • Aseprite
  • LMMS
  • Scratch