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Gun Knight (by Stepford)

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A roguelike heavily inspired by Gungeon and Binding of Isaac, you play a Knight whose quest is to venture into a nearby dungeon - utilizing the most powerful magic of all... GUN MAGIC!

Starting off with a pistol, instead of picking up items to modify your character - you pick up gun parts in order to modify the weapon itself!


  • WASD to Move.
  • Left Click to Shoot.
  • R to Reload.
  • Right Click to Reload, also.
  • E to Pickup.
  • Mouse to Aim.


Special thanks to these guys for making art packs for us starving programmers:






The music can be found here.



Fanart drawn by OctoCryptik!

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very amazing game i could play this all day 10/10

I got inflatable grip, shotgun barrel, the shoot while you reload, 5 shot trigger, and the shotgun bullets. Pretty sure I'm unstoppable.

I think this thing's got a lot of potential! I really like how this thing plays, and I could definitely feel tension upon going into every room and fighting every boss, this is definitely something you should build upon, and definitely something that needs to be expanded upon! Something like this has a bright future as a small indie game! I wish I was able to have lives, as I got past the second boss and then died a few rooms later, and I wish there were more shops, and the prices scaled accordingly- I was a couple rooms in and there was a shop, but I had half the amount of gold for anything there. I also wish there was a way to tell what part of the gun is being altered by what I buy in the shop. Other than that, I love the art style, I love the simple yet effective gameplay, and I really like what's going on in here!

So I've made it all the way up to 400, and I think you can easily go higher with my current "ultimate build" so I decided to share it here as a sort of "strategy guide":
- Bullets - Ghost bullets (the ones that go through walls)
- Barrel - 4x projectile
- Trigger - +1 projectile per shot
- Mag - Shoot while reloading
- Grip - Sticky grip (bees)
- Stock - Sticky stock (bees)
General notes:
In general what you want is a way to hurt regular enemies without even giving them a chance to hurt you. This is easily achievable by firing projectiles that go though walls, 2 types of which are available: ghost bullets and bees. As a rule of thumb if you don't have a go-to part of your build early game, but can get one with bees - get it. Ghost bullets have the downside of low fire rate, but this is easily compensated by the mag, which AFAIK has a constant rate of fire while re-loading, which is actually greater than you normal rate of fire for this build. So when you're not shooting, you're still shooting, and even more! :D Enter each room blasting forward, 3 shots will expand your mag, after which you will start re-loading, i.e. shooting even faster. Any enemies that will survive this initial barrage will be cleared out by the bees. Once you enter a regular room, immediately look for cultists (the guys that fire blue homing shots). There are the only enemies that actually pose somewhat of a threat, and should be your no. 1 target. If there are no cultists in a room - chill out, the room is already yours. So far I've discovered only 1 weakness of this build - at the cultist/magician boss. The boss can do a specific fireball attack pattern where you have very little time from the far left of the screen to the far right, and while initially taking damage can be avoided by staying forward and moving diagonally, beyond room 200 the fireballs simply go too fast, and you will take damage no matter what. Luckily, this pattern does not appear often, so 99% of the time you will be fine unless you do something stupid :D Perhaps a way to solve this would be to replace the sticky stock with commando stock, but then again less bees = less damage.

Some general improvements that would be nice:
- The shop at room 5 does not make sense, not once did I have enough money to buy anything. Maybe lowering the prices just this one time would be an option?
- Shotgun shells + 4x projectile barrel + Slime boss = Horrible lag.

Good game.