WEEK ZERO - FNF Prologue

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This animation takes place BEFORE the first week and we follow the hard life of the boyfriend who is misunderstood. Until he meets that special someone.

"Two painstaking Weeks to create this near Five Minute Animation. AAAAAAA"

For this Jam. I wanted to do something different and here is a story-driven prologue before the start of Week One. I think the vast majority are going to be that flash-dancy genre. But I opted for a more pre-cutscene opening-like animation. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_BadTwin

Thanks to Redead_ITA for help and sounds. Any questions, please message him and give some support.

Thanks to Dart Music for that amazing mix credits which will be available for people to listen.

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so sad

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Poor bf noone can understand him like gf

This is awesome!

Naaw that's so cute 😭