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Bunnyrot (Hospital Demo)

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Author Comments

This game is still heavily under work in progress, I've only got the Hospital level so far so there is some stuff missing, like a few sound effects, characters and menus.


The sanity mechanic has been added.

I also added an outside area to the hospital and transitions when you enter a door.

Not only that, but I've done some reanimating and decorating.

I've also added a new bloodbag, which you can find in some rooms. They have a 50/50 chance of either healing you or giving you a poison effect



ATTACK - Mouse (Mouse 2 to melee attack as armand)



RELOAD - R (you reload one shell at a time)


EASTER (The scaredy one): Fast, low health. Has a pipe he uses as a melee weapon. Loses sanity when approaching zombies, will regain sanity after a while. When insane you cannot shoot but have a speed boost.

ARMAND (The one with the military uniform): Medium speed, medium health. Has a shotgun. He loses sanity when shooting, as he suffers from PTSD from the war. If his sanity reaches 0, flashbacks of the war obscure your vision

BONNIE (The one with muscles): Slow, high health. She uses her fists as her weapons, and you can charge the attack if you press down the mouse button for a few seconds. She takes out her anger on enemies, so when she isn't fighting zombies her sanity drops after a while. If she goes insane, she will deal more damage. She regains sanity when hitting zombies


Find a key to exit the hospital

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The Bunny Rottin' Tho

Jokes Aside,this has great potential,Even for just a demo i had alotta fun with this

man the bunny got zombies, who the the fuck evnvne did that

ToasterPower777 responds:

I did. I got the bunny zombies.

The game needs a lot of improvement, like more levels, more smooth animtions and some difficulty. But so far it's a really good start, the characters are cool, the gameplay is just simple and fun and the music may seem repetitive, but nothing close to annoying. Keep working amigo!

i think that this game has a bright future ahead of it, it's got a distinct personality and pretty decent visuals so far, although i do think the animation could use a lot of work. the lack of fluidity just makes your hits extremely unsatisfying, same with the speed of armand's bullets. plus the idle animations for armand and bonnie are not that good, with armand lacking an idle animation at all.

the gameplay itself also has severe issues, the biggest problem being the difficulty. it's just extremely easy, especially as armand. the game feels like it wants to be played extremely fast, with you zooming past the levels destroying HORDES of zombies while dodging stuff and jumping around, but instead it's a very slow walking-and-going-through-doors simulator.

i think if you take the right path with this game, you might have something even 5-star worthy on your hands

Honest review of this game (even tho is still on Demo)

The hospital: there's nothing that stops you from goin to one floor to the last one, making the game pretty boring once you know the trick, and the only mechanic that impulses you to explore the other floors is the Bonnie one (Everytime you damage or kill a zombie, Bonnie gains sanity). The game also haves some dificulty when you start, not to much, but for a new player, it could be kinda hard: The nurse of floor one. With other characters has Armand or Bonnie, the enemy can be killed pretty quickly, but with Easter (the first character of the game) can be kinda a challenge, specially when you start the game for the first time.

Easter, The more difficult one: Easter is a good concept, a low range fast character that haves low health, (like scout from TF2) the only problem here is that he losses sanity pretty quickly, at the point when you need to take a break and hide in a corner waiting, that kills the part of "a fast character"

Armand, The most easy one: Armand is just Bill from L4D, and by a lot, the most easy character in the game. Besides having a shotgun with limited ammo, he can kill in only two shoots all the enemies in the game.

Bonnie, the most fun one: Bonnie is the most fun, and balanced character to use, for having a interesting mechanic (kill = sanity), the most health and the most just attack. Bonnie have a short range punch attack, meaning that attacking a enemy will always result in recieving damage, which is a good way to nerf all the health she haves, and kinda ironicly, makes her the character that most use medikits, even more that Easter.

basicly, its not a perfect game, but with a little of work, it can be great

ToasterPower777 responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
Also yeah I should probably tweak Easter's sanity stuff
Also Armand might be the easiest character now but when i add the sanity mechanic you'll have to not shoot too much because if you do you will go insane and be unable to see the screen well (It'll be completely covered if sanity reaches 0) So while he kills easily you'll have to not do it too often. Also yeah i should probably move the nurse to a higher floor and make it so that its harder to get the key, though i did plan to make a sort of bossfight you have to win in order to get the key

I'll try to have the feedback in mind ^^

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2021
11:22 AM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Aseprite
  • LMMS
  • Freesound
  • GDevelop 5