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raiding time

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Author Comments

Its a fantasy autobattler where you manage a group of adventurers to beat the dangerous bosses of the dungeons.

discord: https://discord.gg/xhBUH3Z92n

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pumpkin armor + moss bow again turtle

I couldn't beat the turtle, lol.

Otherwise a cool idea. An idea to make it more of a game would be some god spells that you could use to interfere with the action? Otherwise, I was genuinely impressed with the variety of weapons and armor.

Keep at it!

dotdash responds:

Thanks. I will add more enemies, weapons and armor to it in the future, and tune the turtle down when there will be content after him. I recommend checking back in 2 weeks or a month, if you are interested. God spells are a cool idea, its almost a cardgame anyway. :D

It's tough for me to even play because I can't see the whole screen at once. Even if I change the zoom inside my browser, it shrinks the area for the game canvas, but the actual stuff inside the game canvas doesn't get scaled down proportionally so stuff just gets cut off the sides. That seems to be something inherent to Godot because I just went back and looked at my game and it does the same thing. Elements that are positioned by control nodes do actually reposition like you would expect them to, but the entire game doesn't scale like you would expect. So I'd probably recommend setting up your project settings / display / window to have something small like 800 width x 600 height so it'll fit on pretty much any modern screen without needing to mess with browser zoom.

dotdash responds:

thanks, I will adjust it.

Alright and basic start to an auto-battler, but takes a little time to find out what is going on interface-wise, as you drag pngs of weapons until something happens. There is no inventory button before positioning, so you will have to press the back button to go to your items. The enemies are very limited, for the 15-20 minutes I played there were only 3 different enemies, two of them being spiders. I don't know if there is any level progression, other than the rare piece of armor or weapon you get seemingly at random. On the plus sides, I think that the art for both the soldiers and especially the enemies are pretty good, especially the giant spiders, and the armor that the soldiers wear. Overall, if the developer spent some time on this game, including stuff like music, an understandable interface, and a general feeling of progression, this can be an alright start to an auto-battler.

dotdash responds:

hello, developer here. I made this game alone, and so far you are one of the first players. Thanks for your kinds words and valuable critizism, I will work on features that makes things more understandable in the future, and add more content to it. (so far it has one dungeon with trash waves, a miniboss, 2 bosses and one final boss. also probably things are overtuned because of the lack of playtesters.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2021
5:42 AM EDT