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Winning Love by Daylight V0.4

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Author Comments

iu_228897_8537742.jpgWinning Love by Daylight is a visual novel series that follows a group of high school girls that all have been brought to the same small town by fate, and are pushed to understand their powers and save the planet! You are put in amongst the action as a student who is slowly starting to notice all of the weird things going on, as you try and find yourself a date for the prom!

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------------ What's new in V0.4? ------------

-Full day with Willow added as voted for by the community.

-Your Dad now has art which is based on the likeness of a fan.

-updated all fonts in the game to match the Webcomic

-two new songs

-One full screen art scene with Willow

-Added images that match when talking to girls via the computer, and light up green during their dialogue to emulate discord.

-Minor bug fixes

-Minor dialogue fixes (e.g Blade no longer uses masc pronouns when insulting you.)

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The art style is beautiful. There is a wide variety of characters to chose from. The music matches the games overall aesthetic but personally for me not my cup of tea. The product is not fully released though so I see a lot of potential.

Best visual novel ever!!! Can't wait for the finished product :D

This looks and sounds amazing but something's not working for me- I can't get past the "what's your name again?" screen.

Update: Thanks! I think I scrolled the mouse wheel and it went a bit weird.

CutlassBoardgames responds:

You should be able to just hit enter, and put a name in. If it's still not working you might have to find it on itch.io, I'm beginning to suspect the NG build isn't great, but can't do anything about it.

This is a nice game! Visual Novels (Especially Dating Sims) aren't really my cup of tea because people don't normally compliment me in real life so it all feels weeiiirrddd.

I haven't actually finished the game, and currently, the only thing I gotta say is:

-I noticed you put each update as separate projects, good for archiving, but some updates can end up being Under Judgement, aka this one, which is how I found this game in the first place. it's pretty disappointing for it to be left in dust, especially for something this nice. Maybe just create one NG Project and update the file along? And put the archives someplace else like itch.io or something.

-The game lags ALLOTTT, now I don't know if what needs fixing is my PC or this game but all I know is that I can barely enjoy the music because it keeps stuttering. Maybe it's because I keep getting falseach errors? What's up with those anyway?

-f l o a t i n g h e a d

That's all the (Constructive-ish) stuff I want to say for now. The art is REALLY good and I love the designs! I HAVE to play this again sometime, hopefully not in this laggy situation xD

CutlassBoardgames responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback!

So far, they haven't been stuck in the "under judgment" flag for too long, so I hadn't thought it was an issue. I do also have a current build on itch.io

I'm not really sure what the lag issue is, but at the very least you can turn the music off.

As for the 'falseach' error, I'm not sure what that is, and I can't fix it without seeing the error report. If you can DM me with a screen shot or something, that would be super helpful :)

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2021
2:35 AM EST