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[v1.4] Epic Fantasy Arena

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Author Comments

WASD or arrow keys to move.

Left-click to attack.

Left-click on an enemy to target it.

If you're playing as a conjurer, you can press e to autocast minions.

Version 1.4:

-bug fixes

-UI update

-sped up leveling

-added a new enemy

-added 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal, and epic

-the game no longer crashes when you play as mage

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Neat little concept, I found myself playing it for quite a while, and lost track of time!

- I like that the game scales up with the player
- It doesn't seem like any particular class has an overwhelming advantage, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses
- I didn't notice too much lag, but in fog with more than 20 enemies coming at me did feel a hair unresponsive.
- Would be nice if the 3 spells had both a hotkey assigned, or that we could assign, or both
- It took me 15 minutes of playing to realize that little keyhole looking icon was actually a health potion. I was clicking these at full health, so I didn't realize they didn't do anything. Also lets us pick or give us a hotkey for these. "Q" default for pots, "E" for casting spells
- Maybe we can't use health potions at full health
- At higher levels with higher HP, these potions don't do much, would be nice if they scaled up a hair, like 100 + (1/2 our level), or something like that.
- Movement speed is tricky, as either the mage or conjurer, you often wind up in a bad spot because enemy mages are spawning minions and firing at you from off-screen and you literally can't catch up. You have to burst them down, or just wander really really carefully around the map. Again maybe movement speed should scale up a hair, we need to at least be able to slightly catch mages because more often than not, you miss them, and wind up pulling half the map.
- We start off with all the enemies in the arena, but since we do level up, there winds up being a lot of fodder who's main job is to pull bigger mobs together. Perhaps as we level up, the enemies evolve a bit, introduce other shapes, and give subsequentially more XP, and some of the smaller initial enemies despawn. What I'm getting at is that the experience visually changes a bit as we level up and progress in the game to keep it interesting.
- Issue with the rogues poison, poisoning himself.
- Issue with warrior dashing to target out of arena makes him hug wall unresponsively.
- Maybe look at having our spells unlock automatically based on our level. There didn't seem to be any advantage to NOT picking a spell. Also, maybe go ahead and visually show us the cool downs, either by a transparent graphic, countdown, or something else. There's a lot of ways to do this without us having to mouse over them.
- Furnaces are really the only enemy that feels like it's scaling is broken, since the HP we get from a level doesn't even come close to the extra damage a furnace's AOE does, when you get around level 50, these things shred you before you can kill them. Since stunning doesn't stop their dot, it's best to avoid them since they mean game over.

Not really much depth of story or characters, so a ton of potential there, but still fun game to play none-the-less. I can see lots of little upgrades happening here. It's pretty fun to play for a couple hours. Nice Job!

CoastalFog responds:

A furnace's attack has a very short range, so if you attack it with your sword from far enough away you can kill it without taking damage at all.
In fact, I think you can kill every enemy in the game, except for a death, without taking damage. That is why on epic everything does 4 times as much damage as normal.
Health potions are mostly supposed to be used to save yourself in clutch moments, so I think healing for 100 works even at high levels.

I think it would be literally impossible for a rogue to poison itself. The poison ability works by setting
poisoned = true;
on your target's "enemy" script, and the enemy script is what does damage to the enemy.
A furnace's attack is actually a dot that lasts for 7 seconds after you leave its range, so it's possible that's what happened.

I could be wrong, but I feel that warrior is the strongest class in the game (not overwhelmingly, but at least 25% stronger than the other classes).
Its abilities just feel robust and reliable at high levels.
Its basic attack is OP. It stuns, knocks back and does damage to every enemy in front of it at the same time. If 10+ enemies are chasing you this is incredibly useful.
With Rage + Gust I can take down 3 big enemies (like 2 wizards and a necromancer) in less than 10 seconds.

Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2021
4:03 AM EST
  • Unity