The Hurricane

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This is a short film about nature's wrath. I made it spanning over 3 days. I was being quite immature when I made it as well. So if you like explosions and splatters, you might like this.


I was going to totally BLAM this mini movie ......

I was going to totally BLAM this mini movie , but then reading that u made it ages ago , before hurricane.K so .. It could have more work done on it .. The voices where funny ^_^
Try make the people better next time + the tree got burnt into ash in like , 1 second! Doesn't really matter .. But .. There ya go ;)

well....that was.....umm.......???

wow.......i think i'm gonna hurl......oh and to The_Red_Soviet, maybe, just MAYBE the reason you heard two different voices was because there were two stickmen?? i mean, i don't know, but that COULD be it...

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i agree with the red soviet

blam welll ive got more of your movies to blam bie ass raper

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Hehehe ok i like it abit, the audio could be better, the animation could also be better, i like the ending, poor little sticks, work on the art abit more is what i would say...



you got way too much time on your hands.

The-Heartbreak-Kid responds:

Yeah I know but it was a long weekend and I was bored. But hey, at least it was funny right?

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2.11 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2003
8:57 PM EST
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