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Boyfriend sings MILF and dies

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edit2: this was frontpaged?? uh.. thanks lol! expect more pico stuff!!


if you're wondering why the visuals and music don't match up, its because they don't. it was originally animated on different audio. I actually made a huge fuck-up, so continue reading this description for a good laugh.

i decided to make a fun, short animation of the FNF characters using one of my favorite songs. and i knew it would be okay to use the song, because the creator has explicitly stated that they do not care how you use their music, even if its for money. so i started animating it and it looked good. i sent a wip to my friend and he noticed the vocal track is heard in a few other songs he heard. then the realization hit me that its sampled. but this couldn't be that bad, right? wrong, because i looked at NG's copyright policy again and even sampling is forbidden in any context.

so, i did what i could and i rearranged the footage into a FNF song with a similar energy, which you can hear here is MILF. there are parts of animation missing but also unique animation that i made specifically for this version.

i might release the original version someday, but not on newgrounds and it will be titled something different so it won't be confused as the contest entry. if you want to eventually see the original someday, subscribe to my youtube channel.

don't worry, i didnt get stressed out about it. it was quick and fun and i had a good time making it. I hope newgrounds can be my new online home in the 2020's.

also, the nyancat animation is by KittyDog from her free downloadable file. thought it would be funny!!

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00:27 Lol

Man he died


I really like the 2000s animation/video style.