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Butt Mutt: The Pit

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My reincarnation of an old animated gif file which was made in 1995. This is a converted AVI of the first movie I ever made in computer format. It is a Parody of the Mortal Kombat Pit, which was also the 3rd comic book I made during my freshman year in high school.


What is this Mortal Kombat?

Well this was just weird as hell...Dog farts on woman loses her balance and gets impaled on a spike. Gotta give the guy some credit on originality here ya know :P
Still it's a really old submission and I wonder if this guy just ripped some of the clips off of google or something.

Well overall this is a weird ass movie for anyone with a weird sense of humor.


so........... there apparantly where spickes under that brige, how would you find, spickes, under a bridge!!!!! i mean, thats so un likely


very short and rather immature, but i managed a breif laugh out of this one.


In my opinion fart and poop jokes can only go so far, that being said I am happy you did not try and milk it and kept the movie short. The graphics could use a lot of work, especially when the woman is being lifted up. The dog looked great though. Nice use of music and sound effects. Are you planning on making this a series?


Nothing very new or good. In other words a bad movie. Don't waste your time!

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3.33 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2000
6:50 PM EST
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