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The 8th world project (Sleeping coffin)

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Project 2: A mental reality room is a room and a machine that can damage your reality by putting you in a sleepwalk state and allow your imagination to come true. The last story you see or hear will be in your dreams. You will never know if you are dreaming because it will look very real. The last people who tested it has been killed not by the machine, but by each other. All 12 people went into the room and watched a little anime called “Sleeping Coffin”. It is about a young girl that was brutally murdered by three disgusting men. A witch came and brought her back to life to make her take revenge on the men that killed her. After the show was over, all 12 people had made up their own story of being in the same world, forced to play a game with the witch. The Witch said; “This is how you play.” “You must die fewer times than the other people to win.” “If you kill someone, you lose a death point, that is what you should be aiming for.” “The one with the least death points will win.” They could’ve worked together, but the same girl in the anime that died is killing them. Not only that, they have to face a secret organization name 0, they have no choice but to kill each other to survive. As they keep coming back to life and keep being killed by a friend or the killer, it becomes a free for all battle. After, they killed each other. only one survived; A man named Bison Homograph. He was experimented on by Dr. Standback with the second project. He was only a Deep web user. but now he's not a human anymore (Project X) He now live in the Machine in his own reality. As he waits for Dr Standback to summon him out, he lives with the witch in the mental reality world. But now in real life He's describe as a blacklist being with a mask, seems to have no skin, and always seem to be dripping Black goo. He controls a creature that is made out of arms and legs.  He Think the world is not real, and said He would rather live in Dr stanback's world then his own life. He believes the new world that Dr Standback is creating is the true world that's trap in another universe. He helps him anyway he can, even if he has to die for the new world to come to his fake realit His slow, but his limb creatures are not. He seems to be able to meltdown doors by a single touch. it's almost like he's walking through the door. He is only able to do that to wooden objects. He had many powerful abilities. The creatures, they are what they called servants to him. They have no brain, but some type of energy is making then move. The energy is coming from The Limb Controller. but is he really controlling them? actually he is controlling them with some type of device made by Dr Standback. The device is inside of bison. or now what you can call him (The Limb Controller) This is the most important project because it's a piece of the 8th world project. this is Doctor Standback true gateway to Finish the 8th World project.

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thats rad