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Tonight we hunt Revenge

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A hunter seeks revenge against the demons, but the demons maybe will seeks the same...


A and D To Move

K to Attack

L to Heal

Hello everyone, FsebastiamL here I have been working on Tonight we hunt game, but its will take me some months to complete the development.

So meanwhile I made this short game for newgrounds hope you like it, when I read about flash jam I immediately worked in this game because I love flash and work on this project brings me wonderful and happy memories :).

If you are interested in Tonight we hunt game you can follow the instagram or facebook page of Tonight we hunt.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tonight_we_hunt_game

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TonightWeHuntGame

You can play the demo of Tonight we hunt here: https://sebastian-maldonado.itch.io/tonight-we-hunt

Also if you want to support me I made Ko-fi page, you can check it out: https://ko-fi.com/tonightwehunt


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this game is absolutely fucking garbage. for one, why do the little grey and blue dragon shits shoot twice when you hit them, and it can go up more than just twice, the bastards shoot up to four times back to back if you hit them enough and it doesn't help that they have so much health, two, the third boss is complete bullshit and everyone who has played the game knows it, first off, he starts with two different moves and when the battle starts unlike the prior two bosses, he starts by doing move 1 or move 2, not a set move set, its just random, secondly, the fucking grounded fire blasts on the second stage has a 95% chance of hitting you because when you try to dodge with the ABSOLUTE GARBAGE jump mechanic, the player gets stuck on the turrets, or hit by the boss attack, or hit by touching the boss, three, both the "jump" and slide attacks are both broken and are sometimes delayed which in the middle of a fucking boss battle is deadly. i'm going to just go ahead and say what everybody's thinking:


who is revenge and why are hunting him?



the air attack jump thing is pretty lame sorry