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Jaded Slasher

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Out of the Deep 5 Points

Make your way out of the Deep Forest

Enough Greenery 10 Points

Make your way out of the Forest

Clear of Gloom 25 Points

Make your way out of Gloom Cave

No More Necromancer 25 Points

Defeat the Necromancer in the Deep Forest

Not So Plain Plains 25 Points

Make your way out of the Rolling Plains

Cyclops Down 50 Points

Defeat the Cyclops in Gloom Cave

Wicked Witch of the Town 50 Points

Defeat the Wicked Witch blocking the Town

Author Comments

iu_247532_5433184.gifSlash! Whack! Welcome to the world of Jaded Slasher!

After the Wicked Witch chases you through the around the world, you must unlock rooms, level up, and beat those darned enemies that stand in your way! Slash your way through over unique rooms with enemies, fellow adventurers, questers, and more!

Upgrade Your Skills

The more you slash, the more EXP you gain! The player can level up and enhance their skills with skill points. Will you invest in health, defense, attack, or maybe luck? You can spend your hard-earned coin on upgrades through the shopkeepers as well!

Quest with the Quest Masters to Get Ahead!

Visit campsites to speak with quest masters, healers, shopkeepers, and other NPCs. Quest masters offer a selection of randomized quests that allow you to earn bonus EXP and Coin while you slash away!

Beat The Wicked Witch!

The witch waits for you at the end of the road! See if you have what it takes to challenge her and un-block the town!

Discover Hidden Bosses...

Two bosses lurk around the less traveled paths of the world! Be careful, these bosses aren't to be messed with!

Exploring the Skills

Health: The amount of damage you can endure!

Attack: The amount of base damage you deal (may vary depending on enemy defense).

Defense: Negates enemy attack damage. 4 defense = 1 point of damage negated.

Luck: Offers a chance to land critical hits on enemies! 1 point of luck is equal to 2% chance.

Key Chance: Bonus chance you have of finding a key. Enemies and some rooms have a base chance already!

Jaded Journey features...

  • 60+ Discoverable Rooms.
  • 65+ Encounterable enemies.
  • 30+ Unique NPCs to talk with.
  • 50+ Randomized quests between all zones.
  • 3 Bosses, two hidden throughout the game.

2.28.21 EDIT:

  • Optimized loading process. Should move between rooms a lot quicker without issues.
  • Bumped project FPS from 32 to 40. Should offer some smoother animations.
  • Swapped out some images in tilesets. Hope this makes things look a little prettier.
  • Added some more info to NPC dialogue.
  • Added EXP and Coin reward text.

4.14.21 EDIT:

Changed a few things with some rooms to see if it improves performance.

Changed rooms also now include new, updated graphics. the floor now is more detailed!

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boring, full of mixels and simple, ugly to look at sprites. gameplay has nothing of interest

I defeat the witch easily but can't pass at the next town.

Nice fun game.

.............it keeps on saying 500 gold when i didn't get five hundred gold.

Was going to give 4 stars, but the game suffers from horrible lag in some areas making the game basically unplayable
besides that its a really enjoyable game, I hope you fix this issue some time

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2021
12:01 AM EST
  • Paint.net
  • Music Maker Jam
  • Flash CS5.5
  • Flash CC 2015