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Game 03

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Hey Whirlwall, You looking for comments or posting here for posterity?

So pretty simple game. What I think is really neat here is that standing still is one animal and jumping mid/air is another animal. You could go so far as to have a 3rd animal for running, or work in a double-jump/glide with additional animals. You have a great idea for a unique concepted game where each unique action is a unique animal. ^_^

Hit boxes are a little funny, the shark hitboxes seem square. This is okay for the weasel since it's rectangle shaped, but since sharks are crescent shape, this makes for awkward interactions, specifically lots of time dying that "felt" like I shouldn't have because sprites didn't overlap.

I don't mind that I can't jump through floating platforms. Some games you can, some you can't. Just stick with your decision and follow it through.

Maybe give the jump a little more control. Right now an instant quick jump is still 3/4 of my full jump height. Maybe on the next game, work in a little more control for jumps, it makes these platformers feel more smooth (less clunky), and it'll help you pace out the level designs too. Because then your platforms because as close as your short jump but as far as your long jump. Right now, the high uncontrolled jump plus the lack of friction really slows down the pace of your game.

You're calling this a hop & bop, which implies I can bop enemies, which I cannot. It would be fun to bop the sharks and see a startled or terrified look.

Your graphics feel closer on this project, but they still feel brought in from different places. I think that making different animals/characters feel like they are part of the same artist/universe will be a really critical skill in game development. Especially when you start uploading content meant as full games and not just assignments.

I really really love the jumping sharks. Seriously, I'm sitting here writing this just watching them jump away like a screensaver.

Since this was for an assignment, which probably had it's own criteria, I'll leave the start screen, control instructions, ending, and little stuff off... But you know if you post something NOT for an assignment, keep those things in mind.

Good Luck and hope to see more soon.

Credits & Info

1.93 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2021
12:40 PM EST