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Bee Bee

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This is the first version, there's still a lot more work to do and i'll maybe add more things over time. Bee Bee is an OC of mine and i made everything myself except the music, which i found under Creative Commons filter

Hope you enjoy it, and thank you

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Hi Matygoo.

Couple comments on your game.

On level 2, I'm getting chased, which works properly as long as it's on my screen, but once it gets half a screen length behind me, it stops chasing. When I go back, it'll start to chase me. Not sure if this is intentional, but it should probably keep moving the whole time.

The Hit boxes seem rounded at the platforms, this leads to some strange movement when i hit the edge of the flowers. Also on the level 3 enemies it's unclear where the hitboxes are.

If the beehives are important, maybe give me a counter that I have to collect "X of X" in order to proceed to the next level. And then maybe make it so I have to go out of my way with an extra jump or platform to get them, this helps slow the character down allowing the cat to be more menacing and constant threat, not just something to get you moving at the start. Putting them all right in front of me could be used as way to help show where the character should go. But probably need to make the players work for it a little more.

Your background is really effective based on your game theme. Even though it's simple, it works really well and it's not distracting at all.

I appreciate that your linework for the cat and characters and everything is scaled properly. You didn't draw everything 3" tall and then resize it making pixelated oversized characters. And if you did, you went back and cleaned up the lines, which is still great to see.

You gave a menu, directions and an ending, and overall a cute little game.

I'd recommend since you have wings, to work on holding "jump" to allow for floating or at least slow fall gliding that plays into your character a little better.

Level 3 is an actual dodge and avoid well made platformer level. I think you should try to aim to make something maybe at least 3 times as long for your next game.

Overall, A good idea that needs refinement on hitboxes and maybe just longer levels. You show really good progression on difficulty of levels, so keep going :)

I look forward to your next game!

The art is very good. Beside the things that could be a product of it being the first version (walk animation, music, collision issues, low quality background), I want to give feedback on design. The sprites might be too stretched out, and the repetitive nature of the flower jumping shows this. The enemies seemed to be designed after the fact, like it's trying to make something boring more fun. It's a platformer that, if this design were intentional, feels rigid. Perhaps add enemies that jump between platforms back and forth, or can spot you and charge your way. Or just have enemies that appear in more than just in between platforms, that's what the bottomless pit is for anyway. Other than animation, movement helps. Maybe a double jump, or walls to climb onto and leap from. If the game frame is expanded and sprite size reduced these could add flavor. The collectables doesn't seem to add anything, but if the intention is to collect them all, consider having it affect the ending in some way. I already like the ending but if there were sunglasses on cows, muah. That's subjective like my other examples, but I say them just to give you an idea of what I mean. For now, assuming this is a standard platformer with start and end, I see no value in keeping score as the number will be capped in the end. Unless you find a way to change that, by all means do. Overall, I'm OKAYing this one as I see the effort put behind the aspects in which it appeals. What it needs is fluidity. Good luck!!! and take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

I like the general idea, also the art too. I can tell that took a while to animate and draw.

Some things that you could add are things like a main menu, sound effects, etc. For a platformer, I typically don't really like floaty jumps and I like more tight controls (I know she's a bee, but maybe you could add a simple jump where she drops faster, and a gliding mechanic). The camera also is zoomed in quite a bit to the point where I have to do "leaps of faith" as I do not know where the next platform is; zooming out the view would work well.

Great start on this project, I'd love to see this more expanded upon.

Matygoo responds:

Thanks very much. It's been hard to work out a lot of the glitches, but i'll keep adding to it