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GlimGlim's short adventure

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It's a good game, I'm giving it a 3 and a half I guess because the glitches need to be patched. Overall, I sense great opportunity in your game.

This sucks, really badly and I want to improve this shockingly bad game.

Here are my ALL of complaints:

1. I am sure this is a template game.

2. The controls are awful, I have to cross my arms to even play slightly comfortably.

3. The level design is horrendous.

4. There is no challenge, could've added lives or something like that.

5. There is no point of getting the coins... Why would I do that if there isn't even a counter or a bonus?

6. Collision is abhorrent, some areas are impossible to go through because of the bad collision.

7. Kenney assets, you could've made your own with pixel art. It's super easy!

Overall, not good at all. This deserves to be blammed for the lack of effort put in to this... Take this as advice, and maybe change the game to make it a decent or great game. I geneuinely want you to become a better game developer.

EDIT: I am very glad you aren't going wild and whining to me, I really do appreciate that. I am also a developer and here are a couple suggestions.

1. Learn the engine you are using, if you don't know what to do then you won't make a good game. Try Unity or Construct. I'm not saying you should switch to Unity or Construct, stick with it if you like it.

2. Make all of the assets yourself, it is often fun and refreshing to make them all by yourself. You can use other peoples work, like art assets or music, but try not to use too much.

Hope you take this advice! You didn't have to apologise.

Foxgaming3ds responds:

i am sorry to hear that, this is my fist game so I don't have that much experience of game making. Im sorry

Art is from pre-made assets, some more original artwork would be nice. Music, a death animation, main menu, all these tiny bits would make this much better.
That being said the controls are relatively tight, so I don't have much complaint there.