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The Harder They Fall: Part 3

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Synchronize and synergize.

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Somewhere along the line, between the first part of this and this part, I think I lost the red thread completely... but still cain't wait for the next bit. That seminar was something else too. And hype-inducing end like no other. Rob & Pop must go... to the next level?


I resent you leaking my meeting footage with Frank Nintendo. He might be my uncle but he said if I beat level 8-4 he would put me in the next Mario and that’s the kind of business risk I’m willing to take- even if it kills the firm.

What were you here for, again?

What game is ScrewdriverClock even playing in there?

Pop-Tart responds:

Nintendo silly

It's hard working for screwdriverclock you know, but fuck me, those clients in that video, cant believe they WASTED COMPANY TIME for that

Nice! One from the better :) Keep it up! I don't think I've seen it yet - Screwdriver, apparently it doesn't appear in every animation :)