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This is a retro action adventure horror FNAF fangame platformer with roguelike / RPG elements where you explore other worlds in scifi shooter sequences and you'll need strategy to survive the many puzzles ahead. Also there is local multiplayer and hopefully it becomes an e-sport.

Basically I wanted to create a game which uses all the Gamejolt keyword (except VR and textadventure and analog and adult). Enjoy!

#action #horror #adventure #fangame #fnaf #rpg #other #multiplayer #platformer #scifi #retro #pointnclick #shooter #altgame #survival #arcade #roguelike #puzzle #strategy #sports

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Thought the title was a spam thing so I was gonna blam... but I was met with a neat game. Strange, but good.

adriendittrick responds:

sorry for the bad title


amazing as always my man

Hi Adrienittrick,

You have big aspirations for this game if you're aiming on E-Sport Level. Lets dial that in a bit and get you on track. I've been playing this game for about 10 minutes, and I have some comments. I have a lot of comments, but I'll hone those in for now and give you the big stuff.

(*) This game is disorienting. Super Disorienting. Aside from the directions on the move keys at the first screen, there's not really any information on what to do or how to win except by trial and error. I'm all good with being tossed right into the middle of the action, but I'm lost. Maybe everytime I get hit, I don't get a fullscreen "jump-scare".

(*) I THINK it's intended to have a coop mode so that one person can watch the cameras while the other gathers bean power. But since I couldn't figure out any successful way to run away from the robots except to use the other player as bait so one person can survive, I'm no sure. Also, since players don't level up the same way, basically 1 player get strong while stays weak. To be fair, I don't think this being coop adds anything from this game except taking away stats from the other person.

(*) Maybe you're trying to hard to fit every idea you have into one game. Specifically, if you think you can fit 3 different genres into 1 game, go for it, but make sure they work together, as it stands your games could use a little more consistency and ideas flowing between them.

(*)Please remove the #RPG, #pointnclick, #roguelike, #sports tags, this game is none of those.

(*) PHASE 1 - Shooter: basic enough and works. But my stats don't seem to actually affect the strength of my bullets or the speed of my craft. So it doesn't feel like i'm progressing, rather, just getting more enemies everynight

(*) PHASE 2 - Platformer: The controls on the guns are super frustrating here. Many times Freddy comes in at an angle that my characters can't possibly hit until he's on top of me and I take damage from him and don't get his experience. I can't run away and shoot at a target to at least shoot in one direction while i'm jumping. The way I can shoot should match how my enemies are coming in at me.

(*) PHASE 3 - Survival: I can't get passed night 2 without sacrificing someone. There are no means to stop Freddy, and since the level doesn't loop, I don't have effective escape routes. I get the love of FNAF, but the AI movements here are random. Sometimes Freddy doesn't move all night #1, sometimes he moves as soon as I spawn and kills both players in the room.

(*) Bean tokens, I finally figured out these are power, but they run out even if I'm not using monitors. I'm not sure why, I think this is a bug.

(*) What is the MAG stat, it keeps climbing, and at 100% it moves to the next phase, but why? I already have time as a stat. And as far as I can tell, i can't actually attack the robots once i'm in the restaurant.

(*) I think there should be a bit of coherence here. First I'm in space shooting the robot heads, then I'm on a planet surface, then in a restaurant, rather, "THE" restaurant. Then I cycle through this. I can understand I was in space fighting monsters, then I crashed on a planet, and have to walk the surface, even that i find shelter in the form of an old abandoned restaurant. But they why do I go back to space on the next day.

I think you can work in a game with a lot of subgenres, but maybe make them mesh and blend a little better. The stats "Seem" to transfer between phases as numbers, but I don't notice any difference raising them. Please make sure these aren't just numbers and actually reflect the strength or speed of my characters. I think there's a lot of work that can go back into this.

Good Luck, I'd like to see how you can refine this so I can play it for longer and maybe have more fun.

adriendittrick responds:

hey! This is actually a sort of parody game, I have no real plans on working on it any further :p

this is pretty good for the most part, but I am not sure what to do in the maze stage, would be great is you could make it more clear.